Primavera Residences is considered the first green building in Cagayan de Oro. Conveniently located in Uptown CDO, it is a project of Italpinas Development Corporation and is recognized by different real estate award-giving bodies for its modern Italian architecture and craftsmanship, as well as for its environment-friendly features.

Living in Primavera Residences is like stepping into an entirely different world – one where the advantages of modern living conveniently mix with sustainable development.

Primavera Residences is also one of the pioneers in condominium living in Cagayan de Oro. Over the years, the popularity of condos among Kagay-anons looking to invest in real estate has increased. More and more people are now open to the idea of living in a condominium.

All these are reasons why I love Primavera Residences.  However, there are other things about this green building that I admire. And these are all things that you’ll find easy to love.

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)
  1. Primavera Residences is located in Uptown CDO.

Uptown Cagayan de Oro is the ideal neighborhood for people who want a change in environment. It is a flood and traffic-free area. It is the ideal community for those who want a pleasant escape from all the stresses of downtown living.

I love the Uptown CDO township because it provides a breathtaking view of panoramic MacajalarBay. It also gives the best access to all the magical sunrises and sunsets I want to experience.

  1. Primavera Residences is surrounded by some of the best entertainment, leisure, and education options in CDO.

I love the fact that Primavera Residences is just a few steps away from one of the major malls in the city. I can watch all the movies I want anytime. I can shop and do my grocery conveniently. I can window shop whenever I want to.


Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)

Likewise, Primavera Residences is located near established and respected educational institutions.

I like dining out every once in a while, and Primavera Residences is located in a community where some exceptionally good restaurants are. There’s even one situated right on the ground floor of the building!

Also, Primavera Residences is near areas that are often used for activities and events like fun runs, weekend markets and bazaars, and fireworks competitions.

  1. Primavera Residences is a green building. It is an environmentally-friendly residential-commercial community.

I have always loved the idea of living in a green building. And Primavera Residences is one. It boasts of several environment-friendly features like cross ventilation for its condo units (to reduce indoor heat), extended awnings for maximized light and shadow, and a natural ventilation system that allows fresh air to freely go in and out of the building.

Primavera Residences also has photovoltaic solar panels on its rooftop. This is good for providing a shading façade, as well as for helping residents cut energy expenses.

Additionally, Primavera Residences applies the concept of biomimicry, which imitates elements, models, and systems of nature in coming up with solutions for human problems. Primavera Residences is the first building in CDO to adopt this concept.

  1. Primavera Residences is a master-planned Italian-inspired community.

Italians are quite particular when it comes to their homes. Elegance and style are important, but so are comfort and functionality.

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)

Italian living also means quality materials and furniture that provides the best convenience for residents.

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)
  1. Primavera Residences is an ideal real estate investment.

I love the fact that units in Primavera Residences can be rented out. Thus, as a homeowner, I can earn as much as 8% rental return per annum. (If you have no idea how to rent or resell your condo, Italpinas’ in-house Asset Management Program will be a big help.)

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)

The minute I decided to rent or resell my unit, I’ll soon enjoy an increase in my monthly income. And I am guaranteed that my investment is put into good use.

All these things about Primavera Residences are also the reasons why you should consider building a home at Primavera City, Italpinas’ groundbreaking mixed-use condominium project.

Primavera City

Primavera City is a Php635-million project that is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2018. It is the first of its kind in Cagayan de Oro.

Like Primavera Residences, it boasts of eco-friendly features like photovoltaic solar panels, natural ventilation, and natural lighting, among others.

Aside from being an ideal home for families, couples, and individuals looking for a fresh start, Primavera City is also perfect for businesses. One part of the building is a hotel while some floors will house a number of commercial establishments and offices.

Primavera City
(Photo provided by Italpinas)

Other features you’ll love about Primavera City are:

  • 22 one-bedroom units, 27 two-bedroom units, and 231 studio-type units
  • 57 commercial units
  • Underground parking
  • A rooftop with swimming pool, sauna, jogging path, playground, world-class gym, function hall, and a sky garden
  • 24/7security
  • Elevators
  • 24-hour reception service
  • Emergency power
  • Earthquake-proof structure and facilities
  • Property Management Services
Primavera City
(Photo provided by Italpinas)

If, like me, you love Primavera Residences, you will definitely love living in a city within a city like Primavera City.

So, see you there?

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