Looking for a gift for your loved one is not easy, especially if you want to express that special someone. Some would go for the most expensive chocolate brands, while others prefer a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Others go out on candlelit dinner dates, while some prefer to watch a movie.

These are all sweet gestures and I’m sure your special someone will appreciate the time, effort, and money you spent preparing for the gift (or surprise). But there has to be something more unique and romantic than all these.

This is where Primavera Residences come in. And what exactly does a sustainable and eco-friendly condominium like Primavera has to offer? An overnight stay in one of their well-furnished and ultra comfortable units, of course? Doesn’t that make for the perfect romantic gift?

A Relaxing Overnight Adventure in Uptown CDO

Uptown CDO is an ideal community for anyone who wants safe, secure, and comfortable living. Practically everything you need is within reach – a mall, some of the best schools in the city, coffee shops, restaurants, fitness centers, and even convenience stores. Uptown CDO living is the best definition of convenience.

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)

This is what my husband and I found out when we stayed overnight in one of the units of Primavera Residences.

Our unit was located on the 9th floor. Unit 904 to be exact. Before going inside, I looked around the hallway area and immediately noticed the open space in the middle of the building. Air was free to go in and out of the building the whole day. It was such a refreshing feeling breathing in all the Uptown CDO air.

The minute I walked into the unit, I was overwhelmed with satisfaction. I loved everything I saw. Everything was beautiful!

I love the small but functional kitchen and the dining area. They were just the right size for a one-bedroom condominium unit. Next, I checked out the bathroom and I immediately liked what I saw. Not too small, but not outrageously big, too. I used the shower later that night and I loved how easy it was to control the water’s temperature.

The living room has a couch that can turn into a sofa bed. It’s not like the ordinary sofa bed though; it’s more comfortable and spacious. There’s also a big TV where you can watch all the shows you want as it comes with all your favorite cable TV channels. My husband and I spent most of our time watching TV since we didn’t have cable at home.

A big panoramic floor-to-ceiling window will catch your attention the minute you get to the living room. You’ll see the relaxing Uptown CDO view from there – all the fluffy white clouds and the peaceful skyline. Definitely the best way to enjoy the wonders of the Creator!

The bedroom, simple but relaxing, is adorned by a big bed with soft pillows. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to just lie down and be lazy. I was really tempted to drop everything and just get under the sheets and sleep, but work was waiting. I did enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep later that night (after working deep into the night).

Anyway, the bedroom also comes with a closet where you can store your clothes and other belongings. There are even hangers that you can use for your pants, shirts/blouses, and dresses. And, of course, beddings and toiletries are complete.

There’s an indoor swimming pool but I wasn’t able to try it out because I had my monthly thing at that time. But the next time my husband and I stay at Primavera, I will make sure to enjoy the pool in every way!

Primavera Residences
(Photo provided by Italpinas/Primavera Residences)

Our Primavera Residences unit was our home away from home that day. It lived up to our definition of a comfortable, convenient, and relaxing staycation.

I made a simple video showing everything that our unit offered. Check it out to know why an overnight stay at Primavera Residences is the best romantic gift you can give to your loved one.


If you want more information about Primavera Residences and what makes it a unique romantic gift, check out this article I posted a couple of months ago. If you want to book for a unit, all you need to do is get in touch with Damiani Property Management & Services.

Once you’ve experienced living in the first green building in Cagayan de Oro, I’m sure you’ll be itching to know how you can own a unit at Primavera Residences!

Enjoy! 🙂


Primary Residences is developed by Italpinas Development Corporation, the same company responsible for developing Primavera City, another world-class, Italian-inspired, eco-friendly condominium.


Featured image source: Max Pixel Public Domain – http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Presents-Gifts-Wrapped-Ribbons-Bows-Packages-1058800



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