I first heard about Luna Ristoranti from a cousin who lived in Camiguin. He said it was the best place to go to if you want an authentic Italian experience. So the next time we went to the Island Born of Fire, I made sure that we visited the restaurant at least once.

At that time, we were staying at Paras Beach Resort, so Luna was just several steps away. Our first visit was for dinner and we enjoyed it a lot. So the following day, we went there again – but this time, it was for lunch. The pizza, the pasta, bruschetta, and everything else they served us were delicioso! We wanted to bring some of them home to Cagayan de Oro!

After that visit, my niece would often ask me if I could bring some Luna pizza for her the next time we visited them in Makati. I wanted to, but it was a bit challenging because I had to cross to Camiguin first to get the pizza!

Then last year, 2016, I heard the good news that Luna was finally opening a branch here in CDO. It was something we have long wanted to happen, so we were naturally overjoyed! However, it wasn’t until this year, last November, that I found the chance to visit Luna Ristoranti CDO.

Located on the ground floor of Primavera Residences, Luna Ristoranti’s CDO branch is the perfect place to experience fine Italian dining. The minute I stepped into the restaurant, I was immediately welcomed by the pleasant smell of good pasta and pizza. “Ah, this is definitely Luna,” I told myself.

Luna Ristoranti Camiguin

Luna Ristoranti Camiguin is located along Yumbing, in an area visited by a lot of people as it leads to the take-off point for White Island. This is one of the reasons why it attracts a lot of diners. The more major reason, of course, is the fact that the restaurant whips up to-die-for pasta and brick oven pizzas.

Luna Ristoranti Pizza

Its interiors are simple, but the place is really welcoming and comfortable. There’s an al fresco area with tables perfect for big groups. Italian music plays softly in the background. Sometimes, the owner – an Italian – is there, making sure all the diners are properly entertained.

We enjoyed all the food we ordered; from the bruschetta down to the drinks and dessert. Even after our first visit, I knew (and was sure) that I have found my favorite Italian dining place in Camiguin.

Luna Ristoranti Cagayan de Oro

Here in Cagayan de Oro, Luna Ristoranti is fairly new. It opened sometime in 2016 on the ground floor of the Primavera Residences Building in Uptown CDO.

Luna Ristoranti CDO

Luna CDO is a cozy dining place with classic Italian-inspired interiors. The restaurant is spacious and the tables are perfect for both small and large groups. But what makes the place stand out is the completely Italian aroma that greets you the moment you walk inside. You’ll know that a pizza is in the making or that someone ordered pasta because their sweet smell will welcome you as soon as you open the door.

Luna Ristoranti CDO

Like the original branch, Luna CDO offers authentic Italian pasta and pizza. All the Camiguin favorites are here – Pizza Margherita, 4 Cheese, Hibok-Hibok Pizza, White Island Pizza, Pizza Positano, Hungarian Pizza, Luna Pizza, Caprese Pizza, Sorrento, Napoli Pizza, Spaghetti Pomodoro, Spaghetti Aglio Olio (my favorite), Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, Putanesca, Penne, Fetucinne, Lasagne, and Gnocchi.

Luna Ristoranti Pasta
Luna’s pasta. This was in Camiguin back in May 2011. An absolute favorite!

As in Camiguin, Luna CDO also serves breakfast meals that perk you up just right. Likewise, the coffee is good.

Start off your meal with some good ol’ Bruschetta Pomodoro.  Aside from the regular pasta and pizza favorites, you can also choose to feast on Luna’s folded pizzas, burgers, and special pizzas like Pizza Porcini and Pizza Cornicione. Cap off your meal with desserts such as Torta Ciosota and Tiramisu. And then you can try out some of the finest cocktails and alcoholic beverages Luna serves. The restaurant also offers your favorite soft drinks, juices, shakes, beer, and wine.

Luna Ristoranti Pasta
So rich in Italian flavors!

Primavera Residences

As previously mentioned, Luna is located at Primavera Residences, specifically on the ground floor of Tower B. The residential-commercial building is the first of its kind in CDO. Developed by Italpinas Development Corporation, Primavera Residences is the primary mover in eco-buildings and green living in the city. It has several eco-friendly features that make condominium living an absolute convenience:

  • It has photovoltaic solar panels on its rooftop, which means lesser energy expenses for residents (and more shade!).
  • Its condo units feature cross ventilation, so indoor heat is lessened (even in the summer months).
  • Fresh air can easily go in and out of the building because of a natural ventilation system.
  • It applies biomimicry, a concept that imitates specific elements, models, and systems of nature in coming up with solutions for certain human problems.
  • Primavera Residences promotes the simple elegance and convenience of Italian-inspired living.

Luna is part of Primavera‘s growing Italian community in Cagayan de Oro. As such, you are guaranteed to get excellent Italian-style service every time you dine in the restaurant – because that’ s what Italian living is all about: comfort, convenience, and enjoying the best that life has to offer.

For more information about Luna Ristoranti CDO, you can check out their Facebook page HERE. You can also call 0927-5708636. Luna is open from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm. Pet lovers can bring their furry friends and dine al fresco.

Craving for authentic Italian pasta and pizza? See you at Luna Ristoranti!



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