3 Simple Workouts You Can Do in the Gym

Dumbbell exercises are ideal condo gym workout. (Photo from Primavera Residences website. Used with permission.)

Some people do not feel comfortable going to the gym because they are either self-conscious or are not too confident about their workout routine. It’s a good thing then that here in Cagayan de Oro, there are condominium buildings that have a gym. One of these is Primavera Residences, an Italpinas Development Corporation project located… Continue reading 3 Simple Workouts You Can Do in the Gym

5 Tips for Green Living

It's time to go green! (Photo from pixabay.com - FREE downloads - FREE to use)

When people hear all the talk about green living or sustainable living, some of them react negatively because they think going green is an expensive choice. Others complain that it can be difficult or challenging. But in reality, living an eco-friendly lifestyle is quite simple, easy, and inexpensive. You don’t have to turn your house… Continue reading 5 Tips for Green Living

5 Things You Can Do in a Condominium

A condominium is a good investment. (Photo from Italpinas Development Corporation. Used with permission.)

Why are more and more people switching to condominium living? Why do they prefer living in a high-rise building than in a house with a spacious lawn?The reasons may vary but the most common ones are SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, and COMFORT.  (Get more details in this post) Aside from the abovementioned, another reason why a lot… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Do in a Condominium

The Best Investment for Newlyweds

The ideal home set up for newlyweds.

One of the things newly married couples set their sights on is finding a good, safe, and comfortable home. This can be a small house inside a gated subdivision or a one-bedroom apartment near major establishments. For some, the ideal home for newlyweds is a condominium unit. There are several reasons why. A Condominium is… Continue reading The Best Investment for Newlyweds