CDO Personality of the Week: Emmanuel Mulawan, the Artist

Emmanuel Mulawan

To start off 2021, I decided to feature one of Cagayan de Oro’s most popular, well-loved, and talented young artists: Emmanuel Mulawan. I met Emman several years ago. I can’t remember exactly when and where we met, but I’ll never forget how amazed I was with his artistic skills. From then on, I became a… Continue reading CDO Personality of the Week: Emmanuel Mulawan, the Artist

Ghost Stories

(Free to Download photo from Pixabay)

Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to compile ghost stories shared by some friends and former students. These are real-life experiences, and most of them happened in schools and universities. By the way, I witnessed some of these incidents. 😉 Story no. 1 – RETREAT HOUSE – Submitted by Jenjacqs Agbon This… Continue reading Ghost Stories

One Love CDO The Concert

Ever since the government issued the stay-at-home directive over two months ago, businesses and organizations have had to come up with creative ways to stay afloat. While some industries have been lucky enough and blessed to continue serving their communities, others have had to pause and take a break. This situation may be temporary, but… Continue reading One Love CDO The Concert

Nagkahiusang Pag-Ampo

Cagayan de Oro’s entertainers, performers, and arts & culture community joined forces to come up with a prayer called “Nagkahiusang Pag-Ampo”. This is a prayer of unity and a call for Holy guidance so we can fight against and win over Covid-19. We encourage everyone to join us in prayer every day at 1pm (although… Continue reading Nagkahiusang Pag-Ampo