When people hear all the talk about green living or sustainable living, some of them react negatively because they think going green is an expensive choice. Others complain that it can be difficult or challenging. But in reality, living an eco-friendly lifestyle is quite simple, easy, and inexpensive.

You don’t have to turn your house into a solar-powered home. You don’t need to build solar panels or switch to driving an electric car. There are a lot of simple tips that you can follow if you are really passionate about switching to green living.

Simple Green Living Tips

Go Green
It’s time to go green! (Photo from pixabay.com – FREE downloads – FREE to use)

1. Turn off the lights!

When you turn off the lights in an empty room, you conserve energy usage – and you avoid wasting power. Try to use natural lighting during the day and at night, for as long as you can, hold off a bit in turning on the lights. Do so only when there is absolutely no more sunlight or when artificial lighting is really necessary. Also, be sure to turn off all the lights before going to sleep.

Opening the blinds and the curtains will help draw in natural light. If you can, install a dimmer so you can control all the lights in your home.

In the same manner, do not leave your appliances and devices plugged in when not in use.

2. Eliminate or reduce waste

Instead of using plastic water bottles, try to use something more durable like a tumbler or ceramic mug. Likewise, try to avoid using plastic spoon and fork. And get some steel straws for all the members of your family. This way, whenever you eat out, you won’t need to use plastic straw.

When you need to do grocery shopping, bring your own bag – one that’s not disposable like plastic bags. There are a lot of cool and fashionable green bags available today. Choose to bring one every time you go to the supermarket or the mall.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bag
Bring your own shopping bag when you shop or do groceries. (Photo free to download and use from pixabay.com)

In general, please refrain from using anything that’s plastic. Most of the wastes that clog our drainage systems, streams, rivers, canals, and oceans are things made from/of plastic. It’s one of the number one causes of water (and land) pollution.

3. Don’t use too much paper.

While paper can be recycled, it can still present some problems environmentally. So if you can, use cloth instead. Cloth table napkins, cloth kitchen towels, and cloth diapers are some good examples.

4. Don’t throw away everything.

Before you throw away anything, try to determine if it can be reused or recycled. A perfect example is an old car tire. Instead of throwing it away, maybe you can have it repurposed and made into a swing for the kids. Or maybe you can use it as a material for your flower pots.

Even bottles and cans can be reused. All it takes is a little creativity!

5. Decorate with plants.

Make your home more inviting by placing plants in strategic areas. These plants will provide natural shade and cooling when it is too humid and hot. This way, you won’t need to use your electric fan or air conditioner the whole day, especially in the summer season.


All the abovementioned tips are easy to do and will not cause you a lot. But if you want a good long-term investment in green building, the best thing to do is choose an eco-friendly home.

The first green building in Cagayan de Oro is Primavera Residences, a condominium project developed by Italpinas Development Corporation. It boasts of eco-friendly features such as photovoltaic solar panels in the rooftop, cross ventilation to reduce indoor heat, and a natural ventilation system (so air can freely go in and out of the building).

Primavera Solar Panels
Primavera Residences’ solar panels.

Aside from encouraging green living, Primavera Residences also promotes Italian living, which is about simplicity and functionality. As such, it’s the perfect investment if you want a home that you can depend on for years to come.

If a mixed-use green building is your type, then you should check out Italpinas’ newest development, Primavera City. Like Primavera Residences, it boasts of eco-friendly features. But it also offers a lot of exciting stuff for residents. Aside from residential units, there will also be commercial establishments and offices, and a hotel is part of the plan. It’s the perfect investment for someone who embraces sustainable living.

In Conclusion

Green living is not a fad. It’s not something that comes around and then fades away after a few years. It is here to stay because it is a fact. So now is the best time to invest in an eco-friendly home. You can choose to follow the abovementioned tips, or you can choose to invest in a green home. It’s your choice.


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