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Dawid Rosh Mahilum is definitely bulawanon. Young as he is, he has already achieved a lot as an artist. He has performed in various venues and events throughout Cagayan de Oro and has enthralled audiences at Rodelsa Hall numerous times. He has even performed with national artists.

According to his parents, Dawid started singing before he began preschool. “While they do not recall the exact time, it was clear that music has always been a part of my life,” he shared. Dawid also revealed that as a young boy, he already knew what he wanted to become. “My aspiration was to become a renowned artist in any art form.” Little did he know then that his dream would soon come true, thanks to his passion, determination, and talents.

Dawid also credits his father for being a key influence in his quest for musical artistry. “He is a key influence in my music arranging abilities, having arranged hymns and spiritual songs for me to perform as a church musician.”

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I first met Dawid in 2019, when he was a grade 11 Arts & Design student at Liceo de Cagayan University Paseo del Rio campus. When I asked them to introduce themselves to the class, everyone told me that he was the person to run to if I needed help with anything related to music. They weren’t kidding.

Later that school year, Dawid was cast as one of the male leads for the Arts & Design class’ grand production of an original musical. Although his character didn’t really have any singing parts, he helped arrange one of the songs in the show. At that time, he and his A&D classmates also had a band called Disenyo de Musika and they performed in school events and joined competitions.

However, it was last year when I really discovered how innately talented this young man is.

In August 2022, we staged an original musical at Rodelsa Hall. Aside from playing one of the major male characters, Dawid also worked tirelessly with the music team to compose and arrange the play’s songs.

This year, Dawid has added another achievement to his already long list, this time as the composer and arranger of Bulawanong Syudad, the official theme song of Mister Cagayan de Oro 2023. He will also perform the song live on pageant night this September.

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Currently enrolled at the Liceo U Conservatory of Music, Theater, and Dance, Dawid is definitely on the right track. He still has a long way to go but he has also grown a lot as a performer. As a composer and arranger, he has had opportunities to showcase his craft. “I started composing jingles in junior high school, and this contributed significantly to my team’s success in intramural competitions.” Composing, arranging, and singing Bulawanong Syudad, however, is his biggest break.

“When I was tasked with creating the music for Mister Cagayan de Oro, it prompted me to constantly think about the melody. To maximize my time, I composed melodies for the project while traveling to school. My best approach was to follow the client’s desired outcome.” Working on Bulawanong Syudad has given Dawid an opportunity to create music for Cagayan de Oro, something that inspired him to give his best.

“I have three ultimate goals as a performer: to reach the target performance level and captivate my audience through the power of storytelling, to develop a unique stage persona that will distinguish me from other singers/musicians, and the most important of all, to offer my talent and performance to the Giver.”

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Dawid Rosh is a student of Professor Cipriano De Guzman, Jr. (the Filipino Baritone), Professor Niño B. Tiro (National Artist/Composer), and Professor Horst Hans Bäcker (International Conductor/Composer). He is a Liceo Glee Club pioneer and has performed in malls all over CDO and (over 20 times) at Rodelsa Hall. He was 1st runner up (as vocalist) in the 2022 POP DEV Song Festival and has played major roles in three original musical plays.

Dawid is also one of the Liceo Conservatory’s top students. He is a member of the local theater group Oro Teatro Bulawanon.

Discover Dawid Rosh’s musical artistry by streaming Bulawanong Syudad on Spotify. It’s also available on Apple Music, iTunes, IG, and FB. Watch him perform live on September 29 for the Mister Cagayan de Oro pageant at the Limketkai Mall Atrium. Check out his FB for updates and follow the Mister CDO official page as well.


Interpreted by: Dawid Rosh

Arranged and composed by: Dawid Rosh Mahilum

Originally written by: Reynante Pacheco Namocatcat

Produced and engineered by: Bro Justin Music

Guitar by: David Monares

Executive Producer: Donie Magallanes Galigao

Label: DBA Studios PH

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