I first met VocalMyx in 2021 when I did a special feature about them here on mimaiscribbles. At that time, they just released an original Christmas song and was about to perform live at the Limketkai Mall Event Center for a special Christmas show.

Last year, I got to work with one of the group’s members in a musical play that we staged at Rodelsa Hall. All year ’round, though, I listened to VocalMyx’s “Kay Saya ng Aking Pasko” on Spotify. There’s something about a capella music that relaxes me (plus, I really do listen to Christmas music throughout the year). So, when my friend Donie of DreamBoard Artists (where VocalMyx is a member) told me that they made it to GMA’s The Voice Generations, I got excited and knew that I had to do another feature about them.

Last week, I had the opportunity to communicate with them, so I asked the group to answer some questions about their experience going to the Blind Auditions. Back story: we already knew as early as July that they made it to the next round as the auditions were taped ahead of time. We were just instructed to keep the whole thing a secret. Now that the first installment of The Voice Generations has been shown, we can finally share their story.

About VocalMyx

VocalMyx was formed in 2018 specifically for the Acapella Open International held in Manila that same year. The group went on to perform in various venues, including malls and events, not just in Cagayan de Oro but in other parts of the country as well. They have been performing together for five years.

The group is composed of:

  • Raven Joshua C. Zamora – Bass (21 years old)
  • Renier David Jupiter – Tenor (21 years old)
  • Reynan Paul Jupiter – Vocal Percussion (24 years old)
  • Renzy Romano – Counter Tenor (23 years old)
  • Rob Cataylo – Tenor (21 years old)
  • Shania Obidos – Soprano (24 years old)
  • Charrise Apag – Mezzo Soprano (17 years old)
  • Claire Marie Rañoa – Alto (13 years old)

According to Renzy (and I’m sure the rest of the members agree with this), “There are a lot of genres that I really like to try but a cappella singing is something that I more than like. There is a certain uniqueness that I only experience through our a cappella performance.” One of the group’s goals is to promote and inspire local artists to perform a capella. Making it to The Voice Generations is definitely a good start in fulfilling this goal.

The Blind Auditions

Even before auditions for The Voice Generation were announced, VocalMyx was already preparing for the opportunity to do so. “We planned to immediately grab the opportunity if it was given to us. We really wanted to showcase our singing abilities, even if we are an a capella group,” one of them admitted. The group is also committed to promoting Cagayan de Oro and its talented Kagay-anons. “We want the world to know that Kagay-anon talents shouldn’t be taken for granted. Kagay-anons are extremely talented!”

For the Blind Auditions, VocalMyx traveled to Manila together. They shared photos of the fun time they had onboard 2Go. (Check out the photos below)

The Blind Auditions was an exciting but nerve-wracking (nerve-racking) experience for VocalMyx. It wasn’t only the thought that they were auditioning for a slot in The Voice Generations; it was also about performing live in front of the show’s judges (or the judges’ back) – all big names in the Pinoy music scene. “And we couldn’t believe that not just one but all four of them turned their chairs for us!”

The group was quick to admit that it took some time for everything to sink in. They didn’t really expect to make it through the Blinds that easily. “It’s unbelievable. After all the challenges we encountered; all the sacrifices and adjustments we made as a team, we did it. And we’re proud to announce that we are Kagay-anons!”

Choosing SB 19’s Stell as their coach was a decision that the team discussed even before the Blinds. Being a part of Team Stellbound, they believe, is the right choice for a group like theirs. His passion and his way of mentoring hopeful artists will help them improve and perform better as a team. They are confident that with Coach Stell’s guidance, performing from the heart, and with passion, will be their road to success.

VocalMyx guested on TickTocClock earlier today, where they performed the song that made the four The Voice Generations coaches turn. This is just the first of many fun experiences and surprises for the group. After the Blind Auditions, we’ll see them give out their best performances as they move forward to their journey of becoming the first Kagay-anon a capella group to make it to the top of The Voice Generations. It’s something we can all hope for, something we should all pray for, and something that can happen.

For now, VocalMyx is enjoying the experience and preparing for the next round of the competition. In the meantime, they decided to send special (belated) fiesta greetings to all Kagay-anons: “Hello, mga higala! We are VocalMyx and we humbly ask for your support in our journey to success on The Voice Generations. Mao na gyud ni!….Amping mo kanunay nga naa’y dala kalipay ug magintong panagubanay, kauban ang Diyos nga permi gadala ug pagbantay. Belated happy fiesta, fellow Kagay-anons!”

Congratulations, VocalMyx! We wish you all the best! Follow them on Facebook and support them by watching The Voice Generations on GMA every Sunday at 7pm. Support local artists, Kagay-anons! Support Kagay-anons! 🙂

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