Fusion cuisine is popular nowadays. This is the type of cuisine that combines different types of culinary elements. It does not have just one style; rather, it fuses various elements. Part of the reason for fusion cuisine’s popularity is the creativity and innovation that comes with every dish. And this is what Kagay-anons will experience on Sunday, October 16, when Tilaw unfolds at Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant.

Tilaw is an Asian Fusion pop up dinner organized by Loreto’s and Big Tummy Chefs (BTC) in partnership with the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro and Professional World Academy. Diners will be treated to six different plated dishes, particularly the chefs’ Asian Fusion takes on appetizers, salad, the main course, and dessert.


To provide entertainment to diners, Vivi Viduya will be singing all-time favorites and contemporary songs along with Sessionistas. You’ll love listening to Vivi’s enchanting voice while feasting on the fusion spread prepared by Tilaw‘s chefs.

So if you want a satisfying Sunday night date, head over to Loreto’s along Tomas Saco and 6th Street in Nazareth for Tilaw: An Asian Fusion Pop Up Dinner. Food will be served from 6pm to 10pm.

Tickets are priced at Php700 and can be bought at Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant and the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. For more details and additional inquiries, contact Loren at 0917-308 6470 or Mark at 0917-527 4652.

See you at Tilaw!


(Check out Big Tummy Chefs’ Facebook page for more details. Click HERE!)



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