Platyppines Media Solutions, a digital media company, has rebranded to Bloop, a creative staffing agency. This happened last Saturday, October 19, at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort. It was the main highlight of the company’s whole-day team building activity, along with the release of Bloop’s website,

The team building asserted the company’s identity and its purpose upon reaching this milestone.

Since the company began in 2014, its operations have expanded; covering digital and social media marketing, web development, SEO and copywriting, quality assurance, account management, and CADD work, among others.

Although its clients are all based in the United States, the team is comprised of Filipinos, mostly from Northern Mindanao, whose creative and technical skills fit the trends in the digital age.

Platyppines now Bloop

Bloop was inspired by the analogy of water and ripples as it centers on making waves through its people’s passion.

“Bloop brings together passionate people in a channel of opportunities,” Bloop’s vision states.

These opportunities come with the employees’ unique experiences as Bloop helps nurture their talents and growth.

Along with this endeavor, Bloop aims to reinvent the corporate culture, sustain work and life harmony, encourage active collaboration, strengthen affective communication, and establish genuine partnerships.

Platyppines now Bloop

The team building also supported CDO-based businesses willing to engage in promising partnerships with Bloop. These include Mai Crafts Boutique & Cafe, Kanto, Missy Bon Bon, Babu Kwan, Havaianas, Eduardo Diego, and Seven Seas. Bloop made waves by posting photos and hashtags of these establishments and their products in the many activities that day.

With five years behind it, Bloop now looks forward to the many years ahead by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Bloop is currently located at 3F/4F El Elyon Building, Tiano corner J.R. Borja Sts, Cagayan de Oro City.

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