Why are more and more people switching to condominium living? Why do they prefer living in a high-rise building than in a house with a spacious lawn?The reasons may vary but the most common ones are SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, and COMFORT.  (Get more details in this post)

Aside from the abovementioned, another reason why a lot of people like living in a condo is its one-stop-shop feature. Most condos have amenities like salons, spas, swimming pools, and gyms. Some even have convenience stores and restaurants. As such, you won’t run out of things to do (or places to go to) when living in a condo.

Primavera condo living
A condominium is a good investment. (Photo from Italpinas Development Corporation. Used with permission.)

Here are five things condo unit owners love to do at home (or in the building).

5 Things Condo Unit Owners Love to Do

1. Invite friends to a pool party

Condo residents have the privilege of using the building’s facilities, such as the swimming pool, whenever they want. So it will be easy for you to organize a pool party and invite friends over. You don’t have to go to a clubhouse or hotel – or a commercial swimming pool facility just to have fun!

2. Stay at home on weekends 

A lot of condo unit owners prefer to stay home on weekends because of the comfort and safety the building offers. If someone wants to get some tan, all he has to do is swim in the condo’s pool.

If he wants to workout, he can go to the gym.

If he wants to order food, he can do so by ordering from the restaurant downstairs, or by buying some affordable (but delicious) convenience store food. (Yes, this type of store abounds in condo buildings!)

He can stay at home all day, watch TV, enjoy Netflix shows, and/or read a book.

And he’ll be in complete comfort and safety the entire time.

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the same convenience?

3. Workout in the gym

Most condo buildings have gyms or fitness centers that residents can use at their convenience. So if you live in such a condo, and you want to work on your fitness goals, all you need to do is go up or down several floors and burn off calories in the gym. No need to go out and drive (or commute) to the mall or to where the nearest commercial gym is.

Additionally, some condo buildings have a jogging path in their rooftops. You can jog early in the morning or right after work. Or whenever you feel the need to.

A good idea would be to spend an hour or so in the gym and then cool down for 30 minutes in the swimming pool.

Primavera City Sky Garden
The swimming pool is a good place to relax and recharge. (Photo from Italpinas Development Corporation. Used with permission)

4. Hold a meeting with colleagues

Majority of condo buildings have an event hall or function room for residents’ use. Thus, if you need a good meeting place for work – or for a project or event – you don’t have to look far.

Aside from the safety, comfort, and convenience it offers, you’re also guaranteed to get a reasonable rate as a unit owner.

5. Pamper yourself

There are a number of condo buildings that offer salon and spa services to residents (and even non-residents in some cases). Take advantage of this by scheduling a regular pampering day for yourself. You can even ask friends and loved ones to join you!

Pamper yourself with a good massage at the spa. (Free to download and use photo from pixabay.com)

You don’t have to go to the mall or somewhere else to relax and recharge. Everything you need to pamper yourself is in the building – just a few floors away from your home.

Some salons and spas even offer home service, so you won’t even have to leave your condo unit to get pampered like a queen!

Condo Living in CDO

Here in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera City by Italpinas Development Corporation is the ideal choice for condo living. It’s a green building that features world-class amenities. It’s also a mixed-use building, so as a resident, you’ll enjoy the endless benefits of a one-stop-shop with the various commercial and business establishments located on the first three floors of the building.

Primavera City is located in Uptown CDO, just a few steps away from SM City. It is near establishments like schools, restaurants, coffee shops, and offices. Find out more about this exciting condo living concept by visiting the Primavera City website here.


Condominium living is the ideal option for families that and individuals who want the best investment. It is a concept that continues to gain popularity not only here in the city but in other parts of the country as well. It’s time you make it your choice!


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