For years, I have been hesitant to consider or talk about anything that involved insurance companies, particularly when it comes to selling. I consider myself a weakling when it comes to things related to sales. Back when we were still living in Metro Manila, I got interview schedules for several sales-related jobs, but I never considered them because I knew (or feared) that I would not do good. It’s like I created a personal stigma on anything that was connected with sales or selling.

Even when we moved back here in Cagayan de Oro and had to start anew, my feelings remained the same. I did not dare consider looking for a job in sales (luckily, I was offered a job at a school even before I got here!). There were times when I crossed the bridge and decided to attend some talks and “seminars” but it wasn’t until around three years ago when I realized how important the job of an insurance person or financial advisor is. I found out from some friends who were in the business how dedicated they were with their advocacy and goal – to help people achieve a better understanding of their financial needs and what should be done about these.

What is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor is someone who helps other people make the right decisions when it comes to their finances. He is not there to dictate on his clients; rather, he is there to guide them. He provides enlightenment, especially when a client is not yet sure what he wants to do with his finances.

A financial advisor is someone who helps other people choose the right investments. He provides them with options and gives them the freedom to discover what the pros and cons can be for each of these options.

In short, he is someone who acts as someone’s financial conscience.

The Benefits of BeFinancial Advisor

Last Saturday, April 28, I was invited to Sun Life Financial’s #LiveBrighter Forum at Mallberry Suites. It was my first time to join an event hosted by the said company.


Anyway, my fellow bloggers and I were introduced to Sun Life Financial and were later on given the chance to interview three of their most active members. They shared their success stories with us and we learned a lot from them. Five of the most interesting points for me are the reasons why they love being Sun Life Financial Advisors.

  1. Fulfillment – Both personally and professionally. As a financial advisor, you are given the chance to helping people put their finances in the proper perspectives. Sun Life Financial Advisors have helped quite a number of families and individuals live comfortable lives even after going through difficult moments like losing a loved one.
  2. Unlimited Earning Potential – Working with Sun Life as a financial advisor opens various earning opportunities. Every time you help a someone make sound financial choices, you earn. Where else can you find a profession that lets you help your fellowmen and earn money at the same time?
  3. Time is On Your Side – As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, your time is yours. You are your own boss, so you work according to your schedule, to your pace. You can meet with clients whenever you want to. There is no set calendar or time schedule you need to follow. So, yes, you can go out with friends and family, watch a movie, or go out of town whenever you want to.
  4. Travel Opportunities & Other Benefits – If you are a hard-working Sun Life Financial Advisor, you’ll soon find out how easy it is to fulfill your travel goals. Rewards and incentives for excellent performance are almost always a trip to some exciting part of the world! In addition, financial advisors at Sun Life will also enjoy a lot of benefits like the Advisors’ Provident Plan, Group Life Insurance, Group Health Plan, and several Loan Programs. Of course, they’ll also learn everything they need to learn about financial literacy and stability.
  5. Stability and Longevity – Sun Life Financial has been in the business since 1865. It has witnessed a lot of historical changes, but has remained stable. Its performance through the years is something that should be emulated by other companies: from 2011 to 2017 (seven consecutive years), it was awarded and recognized as the number one insurance company in the Philippines in terms of premiums.
SunLife Forum
Q&A with bloggers.

The forum also provided us with details on what to do when one wants to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor. In case you are (or someone you know is) interested, here are the steps you have to follow:

a. Go through an interview, then take the POP or Personality Orientation Profile/Screen Test.

b. Complete and submit your IC (Insurance Commission) requirements.

c. Join the IAAP Review Session schedules for Friday, May 11, 2018. This will serve as your review for the Licensing Exam that will take place on Thursday, Mar 16, 2018 at the Insurance Commission.

d. Once you pass the Licensing Exam, you are to join and complete the Sun Life Training Course. Likewise, you also need to go through the contracting and coding process.

Sun Life
Ms. Franchette M. Mejia sharing her inspiring story during the Sun Life #LiveBrighter Forum last April 28, 2018.

For more details, interested applicants in Cagayan de Oro are requested to get in touch with Sun Life Financial Narra Branch Unit Manager Ms. Franchette M. Mejia at the following numbers and addresses: 08822-726 252/0905-441 6465, email: You may also visit her at Narra New Business Office, 2/F Phil 1st Insurance Bldg, Pres. Aguinaldo cor. Borja Sts. You can also get details from the Sun Life website at

I’m still not sure if I’d make a good financial advisor, but at least now I understand what it takes to be one. I now know how important a financial advisor is for someone who wants to put his life (and finances) in the proper direction.

#LiveBrighter and enjoy life more! Help others enjoy their life, too. Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor!


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