When planning and building your house, one of the most important things to consider is how you want the rooms to look and feel like. Each one should not only look good; each one should also give you – and your visitors – a welcoming feeling. You’ll know you’re successful at this when a guest tells you, “Wow, your house is so warm and homey.” Or when one says, “I feel so at home in your house.”

This may sound a bit challenging for you but it really is not. If you know what you want for your house, then everything else will follow. However, it does help if you spend some time deciding on what materials should be used for the most important areas – such as the kitchen and the bathroom (house guests adore beautiful bathrooms!). For example, what kind of material do you want to use for your kitchen counter? Do you have a vanity dresser in the bathroom? How do you make sure they’re not only functional but also appealing? These are the questions that Stone Depot, one of the newest residential and commercial materials suppliers in Cagayan de Oro.

Stone Depot

Stone Depot fabricates and installs various applications – in  your home or office – out of granite, marble, and engineered quartz slabs. First opened by Miguel Aquino, Jr in Cebu back in 2015, the company successfully established a solid reputation among not only the residents of the area but also among residents and businesses in neighboring islands.

The company’s success prompted management to expand to Mindanao and in 2017, Stone Depot started its operations in Davao City. This led to an increase in its customer base and a significant growth in imports. Two years later, in February 2019, its CDO branch opened, ready to cater to the needs of Kagay-anon residents and offices.

It is set to open a branch in Iloilo later this year.

What does Stone Depot offer?

Stone Depot transforms simple materials into a variety of forms of applications that can help complete your home or office. What it does is a creative process, an art that is quite similar with that of Origami (the art of paper folding identified with Japanese culture). Instead of folding paper into different shapes or forms, Stone Depot uses slabs of stones in coming up with finely crafted and beautifully designed countertops and vanity tops, among others.

Stone Depot Logo
The Stone Depot logo is reminiscent of Origami.

Their materials are sourced internationally and are guaranteed to be of world-class quality. Every slab installed in your kitchen or bathroom countertop is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable. Stone Depot’s core products are granite and marble. By the way, marble, which is popular among clients, serves as an inspiration to the company as it signifies elegance and timeless quality and charm.

Stone Depot Granite Stairs
Granite stairs

They also have engineered quartz, which is ideal for clients looking for an alternative to natural stone.

Stone Depot Engineered Quartz
Stone Depot engineered quartz

Stone Depot is a small company composed of individuals whose skills, experience, and training help in uncovering and showcasing the inherent beauty of natural stone. They’re creative and passionate, and they value and understand their clients. As such, the company’s foremost goal is to satisfy clients by creating and delivering world-class, high quality products and services on time and at an affordable price.

Stone Depot Emperador Dark Marble
Emperador dark marble

Their personalized service is one of the reasons clients are always eager to go back. They do not only point out which stone/s clients should use, Stone Depot likewise helps the client come up with informed decisions by getting them involved in the process – from choosing the materials all the way to the installation of the application (which can be a painstaking process). It’s a collaborative process that has worked a lot of wonders for many homes and businesses.

Some of their more popular projects include installing applications on kitchen countertops, tabletops (coffee tables), bathroom vanity tops, store/restaurant counters, kitchen islands, bar table tops, and stairs.

Higalaay Promo

If you want your home or office to look and feel elegant – beautiful, homey, and welcoming – visit Stone Depot and see just how they can help you work wonders on your kitchen, bathroom, stairs, and other areas of your home or office. If you visit them now, you’ll not only enjoy their personalized service and world-class products but also a special Higalaay discount.

Stone Depot is giving away a 5% discount for each slab you purchase. You can get a maximum discount of Php2,000 for your purchases. However, this promo is available only from today until August 31, 2019.

Stone Depot Bathroom Vanity Top
Bathroom vanity top


Stone Depot is located along Baloy/Tablon, just before NFA (National Food Authority). The store is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday. You can get in touch with any of their representatives at 088-291 4699. You may also want to check out their website at https://granite.ph/. Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/marble.ph/.


With its world-class, high quality products, first rate services, and unparalleled dedication to customers, Stone Depot is definitely a gem ideal for Kagay-anons. Stone Depot is a cut above the rest.


(Photos from Stone Depot CDO’s Facebook page. Used with permission.)


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