My husband and I dream of owning a condominium unit someday. Our ultimate goal is to own a unit in Primavera City, Italpinas’ newest groundbreaking project set to be launched next month. Primavera City is everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Primavera City is a mixed-use condominium that advocates green living. This is something that my husband and I have talked about time and again. We love the idea of living in an eco-friendly building and environment. We like the idea of a massive solar panel on the rooftop of the building. And we can imagine how relaxing it will be living in Primavera City, with the air freely flowing in and out.

PR City

While some prefer to buy a house and lot, my husband and I are determined to own a condo unit. Yes, owning a house and lot is almost always the first option for families, but not for us. We’ve talked about this extensively and have even compared condo living and owning a house and lot.

Condo Living versus Owning a House and Lot

Living in a condominium has a lot of perks compared to owning a house and lot. Consider the following:

-A condominium can be located in the same prime areas that house and lots are situated, but it is relatively cheaper. Almost always cheaper. There are condominium units in prime locations that are priced at less than Php1 million, while house and lots in these same locations can cost from Php1.5 million to Php3 million. High-priced house and lots and cost around Php6 million.

-Location and accessibility are conveniences offered by many condominium properties. In cities, the most developed areas or locations are populated by condominium developments. As such, they are more accessible for individuals and families in search of residences that are close to the city center, or to the latest property developments. House and lots are normally in areas located a little far from the city, mostly in subdivisions.

Primavera City is located in the Pueblo de Oro Business Park in Upper Carmen. It is near establishments like SM City CDO, restaurants, convenience stores, and several educational institutions.

Condo vs. House and Lot

-Condominiums offer comfort and convenience. There are perks that go with condominium living, such as fitness centers or gyms, a spa, function rooms, and swimming pools that residents can use anytime, without paying for fees. Some condominiums also have 24/7 maintenance and cleaning service. Security is also ‘round the clock for condominium residents. Amenities are resort-like for most condominiums.

-House and lots can also offer 24/7 security and some amenities like swimming pools, but again, this will mean spending millions, or living in a first class subdivision. In terms of maintenance and cleaning, house and lot owners shoulder the responsibilities (and expenses), unless they have a housemaid.

-House and lots may be more spacious than condominiums, but condo residents are normally low maintenance individuals and families. They do not need a lot of rooms or spaces in their homes; only the basics are important for them. Of course, if you are a family of six, you’ll find a house and lot more practical in terms of comfort and space.

My husband and I do not have children. We live with my dad and one housemaid. A two-bedroom Primavera City unit will be ideal for us.

-A condominium is a wise investment. Yes, contrary to what some people say, owning a condo unit is a practical choice because it offers reselling options. For example, my husband and I can get two units at Primavera City. We’ll use one unit and we will resell the second one. We can also choose to rent it out for short-term use. It’s an investment that guarantees good returns.
-House and lots can also be resold or rented, but it will be more difficult to find takers. First off, the price will be a bit high. Second, your target market will be a little limited, as you’ll focus mostly on families. Condo rentals, on the other hand, are popular among transients, expats, and tourists.

So, do you see now why my husband and I are excited about Primavera City and the prospect of owning a unit there? It’s what practical living is all about. And there are more reasons for our excitement:

  • Phase 1 of Primavera City will have two towers, with 337 units (57 commercial, 231 studio-type, 22 one-bedroom units, and 27 two-bedroom units).
  • The units will be in different sizes: 50 to 60 square meters for commercial units, 27 square meters for studio-type units, 47 square meters for the single-bedroom units, and 70 square meters for the two-bedroom units.
  • Primavera City will have a semi-transparent photovoltaic panel in its rooftop.
  • Air will freely flow in and out of the building.
  • Primavera City will feature multi-functional buildings; it will have a combination of commercial, residential, and office units.

With all these features and amenities, what else can we ask for? My husband and I are confident that Primavera City offers the best in condominium living.


Italpinas Development Corporation, the developer of Primavera City, is a real-estate firm specializing in the development of sustainable mixed-use buildings in emerging cities such as Cagayan de Oro City. To know more about the company and its projects, you may visit To know more about Primavera City, visit and follow for the latest updates.


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