Two years ago, the City Government of Cagayan de Oro and the City Tourism Council launched HIMUGSO: Birthing a City. Birthing a Nation. Birthing Tomorrow to commemorate Philippine Independence Day on June 12 and City Charter Day on June 15. From June 12 to the 15th, Kagay-anons enjoyed activities like a free city tour, independent film festival featuring local filmmakers, a citywide sale, fashion show, and a cultural show. This year, CDO will once again celebrate these two significant events with exciting activities.

Below is the schedule for HIMUGSO 2017, a joint celebration of the Philippines’ 119th Independence Day and CDO’s 67th Charter Day. The first activity actually happened last May 29, but the June events will start to unfold tomorrow, the 9th.

If you like activities that help or inspire you to get fit, check out the Health & Wellness Expo. There’s also the Freedom Run, which has long been a part of the annual Independence Day celebration. You might want to join the flag raising ceremony on the 12th, but you’ll have to wake up early as it is scheduled to happen at 6:30am.

One of the highlights of this year’s celebration is the launching of the Primer of the History of Cagayan de Oro, which is set to take place on June 13 at the Xavier University Little Theater. The following day, the XU-LT will be transformed into a movie theater as film buffs converge for a special screening of the finest Cinemagis films, which all feature local/homegrown filmmakers.

On Charter Day, June 15, the city will be abuzz with activities, starting with Mayor Oscar Moreno’s Annual Report. Other events happening within the day include a historical walking tour, a special dance drama by the XU Dance Troupe, and the famous Sinuglaw Festival.

The celebration continues on the 16th and 17th with a musical show/concert dubbed as Serenata.

This year’s HIMUGSO ends on June 19, Monday, with the 100th year celebration of the birth of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

So, starting tomorrow, Cagayan de Oro will be a busy, busy city with all the exciting activities for the Philippine Independence Day and Charter Day celebrations. Have you decided which event or activity to go to?

See you at the celebrations, Kagay-anons!

Happy birthday, CDO!

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