Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to compile ghost stories shared by some friends and former students. These are real-life experiences, and most of them happened in schools and universities. By the way, I witnessed some of these incidents. 😉

Story no. 1 – RETREAT HOUSE – Submitted by Jenjacqs Agbon

This horror story happened during our retreat, when I was in 4th year high school.

After we arrived at the retreat house, our teacher told us to group ourselves and choose a room to sleep in. So, my bestfriends and I (there were three of us) chose the farthest room, which was at the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor, where the girls were staying (the boys were on the first floor).

The day went by and it was fun doing various activities with my classmates. We made it a point to enjoy ourselves since it was going to be the last time we’ll be together (some of us were going away for college). Anyway, evening came. I can’t remember what time it was, but I woke up with because I felt the wind (or something else) blowing above my head. I was confused why I felt it because there was no window right above me. All I saw was the tall wall that separated my bed from the rest room. I got scared, so I closed my eyes until I dozed off to sleep.

Not long after that, I woke up again. My bed was shaking! I saw no one at the foot of my bed, but it was shaking! My bestfriends were asleep on their own beds on the other side of the room. I closed my eyes again. When my fear subsided, I called out to my friends.

“Irene? Paula? Did you feel that? My bed was shaking?!? Like someone was shaking it. Did you do that?”

They answered, “No! It wasn’t us! Our bed was shaking as well!” We were all so scared. So scared that we didn’t sleep right away. I transferred to one of their beds (I can’t remember which one) and we talked and talked so we would forget the fear we were feeling.

“I also felt that someone or something was blowing above my head earlier, before the bed started shaking. It was like a strong wind passed by,” I said to them. “How did that happen when we do not have any windows here in the room?”

It took us awhile to go back to sleep after what happened. That night was so scary that I can’t forget it even it happened 23 years ago.

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Story No. 2 – Grandma’s Last Goodbye – Submitted by John Teves

My grandmother passed away not long ago. After staying for three days in the funeral home, we were supposed to go to the cemetery for her cremation. They said it would take an hour, so my mom told me to take a nap in the car until the cremation was done since I would be driving later. So, I went to the car alone and immediately fell asleep.

Not long after I dozed off, I felt someone shaking me. I heard my name, so I slowly opened my eyes and saw my grandmother sitting next to me.

“Grandma?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

She smiled at me and said, “Yes, it’s me. My sisters are calling me. I’ll go ahead now, so stop sleeping and get up!” she said as she disappeared before me.

I was crying in my dream, but then, I suddenly woke up to a feeling of longing for her. I kept crying and then went out of the car. At that moment, I saw my family walking towards me carrying my grandma’s ashes and picture frame.

I immediately told my mom about my dream and she patted me on the back and said, “I guess grandma wanted to say goodbye to you before she left….because you were the only one sleeping, she chose that opportunity to say goodbye to you.”

Story No. 3 – This is a compilation of stories shared by my former students. These are different incidents that took place in the school where I was a teacher for eight years.

From Haydee:

While we were having our class in English. We used the grade 4 classroom at that time, which was beside the computer room. My classmates and I saw a hand grab the eraser from the board. It appeared out of the blue and then disappeared right in front of our eyes!

(Note: I was the teacher in this story. I can’t remember why we were in the grade 4 room, but that was one of the places in the school that had a lot of mysterious, scary incidents. Also, after the students told me about what happened, we checked the chalk board and the entire classroom – including the windows – to find out who was playing a prank on us. We found nothing. Zilch. Zero.)

From Dhanna:

Grade 6, Filipino time. Introduce yourself activity. The last one in line was Ivan as the seat beside him was vacant. We were surprised because our teacher kept asking, “Sino’ng sunod?” (Who’s next?) and then she was looking at the seat beside Ivan.

Ivan replied, “Sino?” Our teacher just stared at the seat, and fear was written all over her face.

From Cezie:

Incident no. 1 – CAT Training

We were in the middle of our training when I saw two kids going around us. I thought they were younger siblings of some of the officers. Then I turned to look at my fellow trainees, Rachel and Cheeney. Their ponytails were floating up in the air!

Then one of the kids looked at me right in the eyes, face to face! It was scary! Anyway, the kids were imitating everything we did – marching and running, etc.

After the training, I was told that there were no kids the whole time I saw them.

Incident No. 2 – Inside our classroom; Dusk

My classmate, Ranna, and I were in our classroom. It was just the two of us. We were in 2nd or 3rd year high school at that time. We had the urge to look at the wall, and when we did, we saw three shadows. What scared us was that one of the shadows looked like it was holding my shoulders.

Ranna and I ran, never looking back even once!

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From Nec-Nec:

Incident no. 1 – Inside the classroom

Our class president called a meeting, so we all went inside our classroom. While the meeting was going on, I was looking out the window. Beside our building was a field of banana trees. Suddenly, I heard someone whisper something to me. I couldn’t understand what it was, but I listened. Then my classmate, who was seated behind me, tapped my shoulder and asked, “What happened to you? What were you trying to say?”

My classmate said I was talking, but I wasn’t – or I didn’t know that I was.

Incident no. 2 – Christmastime, Inside the classroom, Around lunchtime

My classmates and I played “Spirit of the Coin”. We placed our fingers on the coin (just like what they do in the movies) and then suddenly, the smell of death wafted throughout the room. There was a Christmas tree behind me and one of my classmates, Blynda, saw an image reflected on one of the Christmas balls. Someone joined us!

In the evening, we did another session, still inside the classroom. Not long after, something (or someone?) blew off the candle and we heard someone enter the classroom and walk toward us. That was when we saw the coin move – and it spelled out a name – John Erwin.

After the session, we burned some grass because we were told that doing so would protect us from the spirit. It would prevent the spirit from following us.

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From Nicky/Nilgen

Incident no. 1 – Computer Room (Note: This was my classroom, where I held my classes)

My classmate and I heard the keyboard of another computer clicking, as if someone was typing. When we turned around to see who it was, there was no one there but us.

(Note: I have several experiences in the computer room. There was one time when my student, Cheeney, told me she saw the little girl with the red ribbon on her hair seated in one of the computer chairs. I told her not to tell the other teachers (who were typing their exams) so they won’t run off. The little girl appeared in the room regularly, but she didn’t really do anything. She just sat on the chair and observed. There were also times when we were in the faculty room, which was beside the computer lab, and we’d hear the printer printing even when the room was locked.)

Incident no. 2 – Near the Flag Pole

One afternoon, as we were about to go home, we saw a headless soldier near the flag pole.

(Note: I had a similar experience back in the year 2000. My friends and I went to the school on a Sunday evening to get some test papers from the faculty room. We planned to bring them home for checking. It was around 6pm. At that time, the pedestrian entrance led straight to the pathwalk going to the faculty room.

We walked in a line. I was the last one. When we passed by the flag pole, my friend who was at the front of the line suddenly started singing the Our Father. Confused but amused, I joined in the singing. When she looked to her left – at the field near the flag pole – I did, too. And that was when we saw the headless “something” floating toward us. It had no hands and feet! We didn’t say anything; we just walked faster and sang louder. We reached the faculty room and quickly grabbed the test papers then we went back to the pathway. When we passed by the flag pole, there was no one there anymore. As soon as we were outside the school, we looked at each other and asked, “What was that? Did you see that?” I will never forget that experience. Never!)

My Story:

Aside from the flag pole incident, there is one other incident that I will never forget. It happened on a Saturday, while we were having our drama workshop in one of the preschool classrooms.

One of our activities was the Family Game, where participants close their eyes and make sounds according to the animal assigned to them. They had to look for their family by listening to the sounds. Anyway, one of my members, Rachelle, suddenly lost consciousness and fainted. I was able to catch her as she was right in front of me. My student facilitators helped me revive Rachelle and when she did, we asked her what happened. This was what she said:

“Mimai, as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a man with a big, long axe. When he walked past me, it was like he took away my breath. That was probably when I fainted.”

We all got scared and decided to cut the workshop short. The other members didn’t know what happened because they continued with the activity. It was only the high school facilitators and I who witnessed the incident. After the activity, I told them something came up and the workshop will have to continue the next Saturday. Then we prayed the Our Father, three Hail Marys, Glory Be, and Angel of God.

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There are other popular mysterious and scary incidents and figures in the school campus:

  • Manong Barong: An old man wearing Barong Tagalog who would sometimes appear inside the speech lab and other areas near the classrooms. If people were noisy, he’d appear and do the “Sssssshhhh” sign then disappear. The carpenters who worked on the speech lab were one of the first to see him.
  • A student who died and appeared in class pictures. On her birthday, she would visit her classroom and exit through the chalk board.
  • The haunted T.H.E. room, where one of the teachers had an extraordinary “travel” adventure. He went inside the room and felt like he travelled to another dimension. The students and teachers who saw him as he was on his way to the room described him as somewhat “not in the present”. I forgot the details, but it was something like that.
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These are all the stories I can share for now. I’ll post a part two soon. In the meantime….

Happy Halloween! 🙂

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