Back in the late 80s and early 90s, when we were still living in Metro Manila and my dad was still working for San Miguel Beer, we would regularly travel to Cavite and Batangas (almost) every summer for the company’s family day outings. One of my favorite stopovers was the Petron Treats convenience store somewhere along SLEX (South Luzon Expressway). We stopped over to buy food and use the toilets.

What I liked about that convenience store was its complete offerings. Aside from the 24-hour shop, it also had a Mc Donald’s outlet and some other restaurants. I also remember buying batteries and film (no digicams at that time yet!) for my camera from a small Kodak shop. It was a complete stopover; a one-stop shop perfect for travelers.

The last time I went there was in 2006, when we went to Laguna and Tagaytay. From that time on, I’ve been wishing for something like Treats to open here in Cagayan de Oro, or at least somewhere near the city.

From Treats to San Mig Food Ave

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation to the blessing and grand opening of San Mig Food Avenue in El Salvador. Needless to say, I was very happy! The magic words were “San Mig Food Ave”.  Why? Because the Petron Treats that we used to frequent in Metro Manila is now known as San Mig Food Ave. So, yes, my prayers were answered because we finally have one here in CDO and Misamis Oriental!

So how did this happen?

After San Miguel Corporation acquired Petron, all the branches of Treats were renamed to San Mig Food Shop, and then were later on rebranded as San Mig Food Avenue. All of the shops are located at Petron gasoline stations, which is convenient because travelers can simply drop by and relax, shop, and eat while waiting for their vehicles to be refueled.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
San Mig Food Avenue, El Salvador City

San Mig Food Ave is your ideal one-stop shop because it carries practically everything you need – whether you’re traveling or not:

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
San Mig Food Avenue in El Salvador has practically everything you need.

-Food and beverages – including chips, ice cream, snacks, biscuits, bread (freshly baked by its own bakery!), chocolates & candies, and even ready-to-eat food

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Magnolia ice cream and frozen delights!
San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Thirst quenching beverages available at San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador.
San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Ready-to-eat food

-Toiletries & other personal hygiene items, magazines, newspapers, batteries, cigarettes & lighters, and other non-food products

Pasalubong items like pastries, peanuts, and chips, among many others

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Pasalubong items

The First One-Stop Shop in El Salvador

While there are already several convenience stores all over CDO and MisOr, San Mig Food Ave is the first of its kind in El Salvador.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Your favorite drinks….

Aside from being a 24-hour store, it is also a mini-food strip. In fact, the first Mc Donald’s branch in El Salvador will open on June 8. So while your vehicle is refueling and your companions are doing some shopping at the convenience store, you can recharge by filling your empty stomach with Mc Donald’s goodies.

If you need to refill your wallet, there’s also a PNB ATM inside the convenience store. Likewise, San Mig Food Ave makes it convenient for you to pay your utility bills with its EC Pay kiosk. And if your mobile phone needs to be recharged, there’s a charging station inside the store, too!

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
A convenience store that sells Olive Oil. Perfect. Just perfect!

Everything you need under one roof – that’s the kind of convenience that San Mig Food Avenue offers.

Blessing and Grand Opening

Last May 18, 2018, San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador had its blessing and grand opening. The momentous event was graced by the owners, Ms. Cookie Adaza and her husband, along with El Salvador Mayor Edgar S. Lignes and Vice Mayor Eduardo A. Ayunting.  Of course, Petron and San Miguel Foods employees also joined in the celebration.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Ready to cut the ribbon!

The event started with a Mass, which was followed by the ribbon cutting and blessing of the convenience store. And to help bring in good fortune, there was also a coin and candies toss, which the guests thoroughly enjoyed. A huge Nutella bun was unveiled during a short program specially prepared for the event.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Blessing the store

While the guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal, music was dished out by two of Cagayan de Oro’s best DJs, the father-and-son tandem of Cocoy and RB Banaag.

San Mig Food Avenue CDO and MisOr

While San Mig Food Ave El Salvador has already been on soft opening since August 2017, the event last month officially marked its grand introduction to the public. Located at the Petron gasoline station by the Divine Mercy junction, the one-stop shop is the first of its kind to open in Mindanao.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
San Mig Food Avenue = first class service

San Mig Food Avenue also has branches here in CDO – one in Lapasan (near USTP, beside Union Bank) and another one along Hayes and Capt. Vicente Roa Streets (Cogon area). The branch in El Salvador, however, is the most ideal for travelers since it is situated by the highway. So if you’re on your way to the airport in Laguindingan, or to Initao, or Iligan – or anywhere in that direction, you’ll know where to rest and recharge before continuing your road trip.

San Mig Food Avenue El Salvador
Congratulations, San Mig Food Ave El Salvador!

See you at the Food Avenue, travelers and road trippers! 🙂




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