If you’re one of the many who occasionally (or often) experience difficulties in hailing a taxicab, then you’ll love the good news that hirna brings.

Officially launched in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan last April, hirna is a ride-hailing app that started its operations in Davao. It’s guaranteed to help make your riding experience hassle-free and more convenient because of the many features it offers.

Apart from the fact that it is the first of its kind from Mindanao (Davao), hirna is also different from other ride-hailing apps because it does not ask for a booking fee. It also vows to use only existing taxi fleets, which means the public does not have to worry about new cars clogging the already traffic-infested streets of CDO.

This will be made possible through hirna’s partnership with the Cagayan de Oro Taxi Operators Associations (CDOTOA), a recently established group that has more or less 40 major operators (or over 50% of the active taxi units in CDO) as members. At present, around 1,700 active hirna taxis are ready to serve the riding public in CDO and Iligan.

Distinguished guests, including hirna President and CEO Francisco “Coco” Mauricio, graced the press conference and official launching of the Davao-based ride-hailing app held last April 2018.

According to Francisco “Coco” Mauricio, hirna president and CEO, CDO and Iligan are the first areas of expansion since it started operating in Davao. This, added Mauricio, is a good way of consolidating Hirna’s stronghold in Mindanao. “With three key cities now onboard, hirna aims to give Pinoy commuters a viable option in ride-hailing that breaks free from the monopolistic status quo,” Mauricio further stated.

hirna offers passengers more options while also encouraging a healthier and more innovative transport industry “for all stakeholders”.

As previously mentioned, hirna will not ask for a booking fee, but this is just one of the many features that both the riding public and drivers can take advantage of. Check out all the other advantages this ride-hailing app offers:

  • Geo tagging for location
  • Booking history
  • Driver and taxi rating system
  • An easy-to-access database of drivers
  • 24/7 support hotline

In addition to these, hirna promises not to adhere to surge pricing. What this means is that the riding public will get regular pricing no matter what time of day it is. So even if you book during peak hours, you won’t have to worry about an increase in taxi fare rates.

Here na si hirna sa CDO! (Screenshot taken from the hirna website.)

Also, even if you do not have Internet access, it is possible for you to book a ride with hirna. All you have to do is contact their 24-hour customer service representatives.

To help its customers feel safe, the hirna app has a list of important contact numbers, such as that of the LTFRB.

hirna will officially roll out its Go Live Launch here in CDO and in Iligan this month. Visit their Facebook page to stay updated. You can also check out their website. For more information, you may also call their customer service hotline  at 0917-111 4888 or 0999-221 4888.

hirna is available to download on the iOS App Store and the Google Playstore. Download yours today and get ready to experience convenient, comfortable, efficient, and safe taxi riding.

A screenshot showing the hirna app being downloaded via the iOS App Store.


A sneak peek into what you’ll see when you download and log in to the app.


hirna is duly accredited by the LTFRB.



(Some information lifted from the official hirna press release.)



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