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Viewed from outer space, Metro Cebu is one of the few places in the Philippines outside Metro Manila that shines bright at night amidst a sea of darkness.

With the recently opened Tom N Toms Coffee, the first in Cebu and the second in the country, Cebuanos have found a round-the-clock hangout, fulfilling the demand of a cosmopolitan haven that has grown to ignore sleep.


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“With Cebu’s dizzying growth, more and more are staying up until the odd hours. Tom N Toms Coffee is open 24 hours to serve a growing number of Cebuanos who are taking part in the Metro’s prosperity,” said Tom N Toms Cebu General Manager Jose Mari Alba.

The world-famous Korean coffee chain, the top brand in South Korea based on the number of stores, opened just last September 8 at The Greenery on Pope John Paul II Avenue, Kasambagan, Mabolo.

“Coffee lovers who need a cozy place to stay beyond midnight will find Tom N Toms to be an ideal place,” said Alba. The Cebu location follows the opening of Tom N Toms first branch last year in Bacolod.

Alba anticipates the coffee shop to be popular with millennials hanging out with friends all night, professionals, BPO workers, and others who work night shifts, adding Tom N Toms boosts the visible rise of a number of coffee shops with its 24-hour service.

Tom N Toms offers the usual variety of coffee drinks, espressos, frappes, smoothies, pretzels, and snacks. But the shop also offers other amenities such as strong WiFi, cozy seats, free charging, and a wide assortment of food – from baked goods to healthy picks and heavy meals.

Some of the delectable treats at Tom N Toms Coffee Cebu.


“Given any coffee shops’ need for a high customer volume to be sustainable, the availability of other food items and special drinks on top of the usual coffee fare around the clock is an advantage for Tom N Toms,” said Alba.

The Tom N Toms Cebu General Manager said the friendly staff of the new coffee chain is looking forward to serving Cebuanos during the busy nights of a progressively sophisticated city that has begun to escape the need for sleep.



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