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Toy enthusiasts from all over Cagayan de Oro, as well as its neighboring towns and communities, will gather at the Limketkai Mall Rotunda for the CDO Toy Show. This is the 3rd year of Northern Mindanao’s biggest toy convention, and it’s guaranteed to be more fun and exciting!

CDO Toy Show 2017

Also, toy collectors and enthusiasts are all excited because this year’s CDO Toy Show has a theme and is dubbed as Flashback 90s.  This is the first time that the event is focusing on a specific theme, so a lot of people are expecting it to be something different.

As usual, it will be a two-day event – November 25 & 26 – and will feature crowd favorites such as the Gundam Building Workshop, Geek Wars, and the Cosplay Competition.

Gundam Building Workshop

The Gundam Building Workshop will start on November 25. Details of the competition are as follows (taken from the official CDO Toy Show Facebook Page):

  • Open to all Gundam enthusiasts who are 9 years old and above.
  • All participants may assemble & paint any Gundam model kit brought from any Toys ‘R’ Us and Toys ‘R’ Us Toybox stores in the Philippines.
  • Participants must make their own entry. Using of imitation or alike Gundam model kit part/s is NOT allowed.
  • OUT OF THE BOX BUILD (applying modeling basics)
Photo from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MG_MSA-0011-Ext-_Ex-S_Gundam.jpg#/media/File:MG_MSA-0011-Ext-_Ex-S_Gundam.jpg.

1. All entries must be assembled according to the manual. If the manual shows variant versions using parts from the box set, then only those specific variants are allowed.

2. Puttying, sanding, and the use of paint are allowed. Model part detail lines erased by puttying and sanding can be re-lined, but extra lines not in the original part cannot be added.

3. Use of decals & any color schemes and patterns are allowed.

4. Using of any Bandai stand is allowed but will not be part of the scoring.


  • Participants are required to present the following upon submission of the actual entry:

– Original BANDAI Gundam model kit box.
– Original Receipt of Gundam model kit entry from Toys “R” Us and/or Toys “R” Us Toybox stores Philippines.

  • Participants are allowed submit maximum of three (3) entries.
  • Participants must submit the actual entry personally. We will not allow representatives. Posing of entry must be done by the owner.
  • Entry used in any Bandai Gundam local or international competition is NOT allowed.
  • Submission of actual entry: November 25, 2017 (10:00am – 5:00pm)
  • Judging of entries: November 25, 2017 (5:00pm onwards)

Awarding ceremony for the Gundam Building Competition will be on November 26, 2017 at 4:00pm.

Criteria for Judging

  • Assembly skills 40% – The proper way of building or putting together of Gundam Model Kit parts to make a completed product.
  • Painting 40% – The correct act of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to the Gundam Model Kit. The medium is commonly applied to the Gundam Model Kit with a brush but other implements, such as sponges, brushes, airbrushes and other model kit tools.
  • Presentation 20% – The manner or style in which the Gundam Model Kit is exhibited or displayed.

Geek Wars

Geek Wars, Cagayan de Oro’s ultimate trivia event, is once again a part of the CDO Toy Show. This year, teams will battle it out by answering questions about anything and everything related to the 90s – and toys, of course! It’s a mind-blogging, surprising, and fun battle; the kind of war that involves a lot of brain power, memory, and the passion for knowing about even the most trivial things.

Those who are joining the trivia event are required to form a team of 3 to 5 members. Each team should also have a witty, creative, and “family-friendly” name. The wittier, the more creative; the better! And, of course, each team should be prepared to race it out with all other teams and do their best to get the most number of correct answers to the trivia questions.

Geek Wars consists of three sets: boring or Q&A, visuals, and audio. Each set consists of different categories.  The three teams with the highest points will be declared winners for the 3rd CDO Toy Show Geek Wars.

This year’s Geek Wars will be different because the group invited a special host for the event. YouTuber and beauty vlogger Jessica Godinez, who is a Kagay-anon, will be hosting Geek Wars tomorrow, November 25, 3pm, at the Limketkai Mall Rotunda. She will be joined by her vlogging partner and husband, JM.

Jessica Godinez
Jessica Godinez

So if you want awesome trivia fun and a chance to meet a popular beauty vlogger with Kagay-anon roots, join the CDO Toy Show Geek Wars tomorrow! Who knows? You might even be featured in Jessica’s vlog!

For more details about Geek Wars, check out this video.

Cosplay Competition

On Sunday, November 26, cosplayers/kintakus will troop to the LKK Rotunda for this year’s CDO Toy Show Cosplay Competition. As in the past two years, there will be a parade around the mall before the competition proper. What makes this year’s event different is the fact that participants have to adhere to the Flashback 90s theme. As such, there are several details about the competition that need to be emphasized.

Here are the mechanics of the Cosplay Competition as taken from the CDO Kintaku page.

CDO Toy Show 2017 Cosplay

For more information about the CDO Toy Show 2017 Cosplay Competition, visit CDO Kintaku on Facebook.

Aside from the above-mentioned events, toy collectors and enthusiasts from all over CDO and Northern Mindanao will be displaying some of their prized possessions. Likewise, Affinity Games, CDO’s premier board game/game shop, will have a booth open for those who want to try playing some of their bestselling and most popular games, like Jenga and Magic: The Gathering.

Winners of the first ever CDO Toy Show online toy photography contest will also be announced. A variety show is likewise scheduled to take place on November 25, just before Geek Wars takes centerstage.

See you at the LKK Rotunda tomorrow, November 25 and on Sunday, November 26!


For more information about the 2017 CDO Toy Show, visit their official Facebook page here.  

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