Our theater group, Oro Teatro Bulawanon, has partnered with 7HS Media Productions in bringing to life a musical play that I wrote. Ang Pagalaya was originally created for and staged at Tanghalan sa Kampo Juan in May 2019 in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It was a 45-minute play that explored the father and daughter relationship of Manuel and Annika Martin.

On August 5&6, we will be staging the musical version of Ang Paglaya. Manuel and Annika are still at the center of the story but I added new and interesting characters and stories. It also has around nine or ten original songs written specifically for the play. It’s a very simple story that explores relationships. Here’s a brief backgrounder about it:

Ang Paglaya is a simple story that explores relationships: the father-daughter relationship of Manuel and Annika, Annika’s longing for her mom Anna (who died when she was 8), and relationships with newfound friends who have secretly known her for years. It is also about a father’s misplaced love for his daughter, which started after the death of his wife.

Ang Paglaya is also about Annika and her quest for freedom from her domineering Dad. Her journey to discovering her true self.

The first part of the story takes place in regular settings: Manuel’s house, the school library, the Diwa’s house. The second part of the story will take you to an entirely new world where you’ll meet diwatas, engkantos, and dwendes.

Ang Paglaya is an original Filipino musical, and all the songs were written specifically for the play by some cast members and production staff.

Overall, Ang Paglaya is a story of love: love for self, love for family, love for your passion and dreams, and love for everyone around you.

Ang Paglaya: The Musical will be staged at Rodelsa Hall. It is a fundraising event for the Liceo de Cagayan University High School Alumni’s special projects. There will be four shows all in all:

  • SHOW DATES: August 05 & 06, 2022
  • VENUE: Rodelsa Hall (Limited face-to-face as per IATF protocols)
  • TIME: 3pm and 7pm (on both dates)
  • TICKETS: PhP200 for 3pm shows/PhP300 for 7pm shows

I’ll update this post if ever there will be additional details and once ticket prices are finalized. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook page here.

Here are photos of the play’s main characters:

The cast of ANG PAGLAYA

Playwright: Maia Fortich-Poblete (with inputs by Bex Espino and Nicolas Salcedo)

Director: Maia Fortich-Poblete

Asst. Director: Kale “Bom” Ramos

Musical Director: Christy Aboniawan

Music & Lyrics: Dawid Rosh Mahilum, Christy Aboniawan, Zilpha Kaye Ibañez, Steev Roa, Maia Fortich-Poblete

Musical Consultant: Donie M. Galigao

Voice Consultant: Frankie Toledo

Voice Training: Jessa Bernaldez and Hanh Felicity Agawin

Choreography: Henzieh Nagac and Junalyn Arrabis

Movements: Bom Ramos

Production Manager: Jean Jacques Agbon

Stage Managers: Zilpha Kaye Ibañez and Caro-lene Dela Cruz

Asst. Stage Manager: Nicky Otero

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