I’m attempting to put my 30-day drawing challenge back on track. Unfortunately, for day 13, I needed to draw a freaking baby. This became a big problem for me. First off, I didn’t really know what a freaking baby looked like. Second, I’m not really good at drawing. And finally, I didn’t want to imagine what a freaking baby looked like!

Babies are always cute for me. They’re always adorable, sweet and innocent. I cannot imagine them being not so. Nevertheless, since I wanted to go on with the 30-day drawing challenge, I had to draw a freaking baby. And guess what? I did! But I don’t think what I managed to come up with is a freaking baby. It’s more like a fusion of two very different things…or a mutation of sorts. Whatever…

Here’s what I did. And I hope you won’t shriek or jump out of your seats when you see this (I would if I were in your place!). Ta-dah!!! Presenting…my gingerbread baby!!! πŸ˜€

See? This is one unhappy baby! He doesn’t like what I did to him…Poor baby! So, to make up for this terrible image of a baby, I’m posting a real baby picture. This one is of my niece, Sandra, when she was all but a year old (she’s a young lady now!).

Babies are cute, sweet, irresistible, adorable, huggable, charming…and everything that’s sugar and spice – Β and nice!….

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