About a month or so ago, my blogger and media friends and I were invited to try a new dining place in Manticao, Misamis Oriental. I was excited about the idea that there’s finally a place travelers can stop over to recharge before continuing their road trip.

When we arrived at the venue, I was surprised because Royal Panda Restaurant was quite spacious. It can seat more or less 33 diners. It’s also popular with the residents of Manticao, especially their concept of buffet dining. The restaurant’s interiors are clean and simple. The tables can sit both small and big groups. And the buffet area is positioned on one side of the restaurant, near the entrance.

Royal Panda Restaurant is a fast food and buffet avenue in one. It serves Asian-inspired dishes with the Filipino taste in mind.  Some of the dishes it serves are dimsum favorites like beef and chicken siomai, Japanese siomai, tausi chicken wings, wanton noodle soup, fried wanton, fried dragonball, chicken feet, and other delectable Asian favorites served on steamed trays.


Inside Royal Panda

Upon entering, a Chinese panda collage is the first thing that will greet you. There are also Chinese-inspired lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  As the doors open, guests will be greeted with an imperial dynasty-inspired buffet table serving Asian dishes such as the popular Chinese beefsteak and the Indonesian chicken satay.

Diners can eat comfortably as the restaurant’s tables and chairs are positioned with more than enough elbow space. Likewise, those who want to experience al fresco dining can do so as there are tables outside, in Royal Panda’s patio.

The air conditioned restaurant also has a conference room that can hold 20 people. So if you’re thinking of gathering some family and close friends for a special celebration, the Royal Panda can be a good venue.

Diners also have access to well-maintained rest rooms at the back part of the restaurant.

All these make Royal Panda the perfect stopover for those traveling the Cagayan de Oro – Iligan route.

A Different Kind of Buffet

Owner Abigail Dy, who said that the restaurant is her family’s way of giving back to the people of Manticao, also introduced us to their buffet dining concept.

Instead of the usual buffet where you go around and put all the dishes you want on your plate, Royal Panda gives you the freedom to get only what you can eat. Instead of getting a heaping of every dish that you want to try, you can get only a small amount and then have your order weighed. There is a corresponding price for every 100 grams.

So let’s say you got 100 grams of chicken cutlet (Php68) and 100 grams of Chinese style beefsteak (Php108), you pay only Php176. You get only what you can eat and spend according to your budget. If you’re the type who does not eat a lot (or too much), you won’t have to worry about forcing yourself to eat what you cannot finish just to get your money’s worth!

Additionally, Royal Panda Restaurant is the first of its kind in Manticao to cater to travelers who want to experience Asia for at affordable prices. You can already treat yourself to good food for only Php30, or Php39, or Php44.

More delectable surprises will be coming our way as Royal Panda continuously expand and improve their menu, as well as their services, in order to give diners the ultimate Asian experience.


The Royal Panda Restaurant is conveniently located along the highway in Poblacion, Manticao just right beside the Caltex gasoline station.

See you there!


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