When asked to describe your ideal neighborhood what’s the first thing you usually think of? Safety, security, and location are often the top three. Nowadays, however, a lot of people also prefer places that look good in photos. These are what you call Instagram-worthy or Instagrammable places.

An Instagrammable neighborhood is one that looks exceptionally good in Instagram. The minute you see a photo of it on your IG feed, you are drawn to it. You cannot help but love it. And you wish to the high heavens that you were the one who took that photo.

With millions of users around the world, Instagram is easily one of the most globally popular social media platforms. When you upload or post a photo on your IG page, millions of people will see it in a matter of minutes. Your photo will travel to even the farthest corners of the world. Everything you post on IG gets maximum exposure worldwide. It is a powerful medium.

So when you hear people saying, “Wow, this is an Instagrammable place!”, you know that you’ve just been given a major compliment.

But not all photos on IG are Instagrammable. There are certain qualities or characteristics a photo has to have before it can be dubbed Instagram-worthy.

1. An IG-worthy photo is relatable. People should be able to easily identify with the subject or image in the photo. Example: a photo of someone drinking coffee on a balcony overlooking a majestic view of Macajalar Bay. Wouldn’t you want to be that someone?

2. An IG-worthy photo is creative. People like photos that evoke a sense of creativity – not the ones that are hastily taken. In other words, colors, lighting, and composition matters.

3. An IG-worthy photo is unique. It has to be or has to have something you don’t see every day. Example: a family of four enjoying a swim – on the rooftop of a building with the sunset in full view. That’s not something you see every day, anywhere, right?

4. An IG-worthy photo is breathtaking. Photos that take your breath away attract a lot of viewers. Example: a sunrise wedding on the rooftop of the tallest building in the neighborhood, complete with a view of Macajalar Bay. You don’t have to go to Dahilayan to get a breathtaking wedding photo!

5. An IG-worthy photo is vibrant. The best and most effective Instagram photos are alive with colors, teeming with action, shapes, and people.

Vibrant photos tell a lot of interesting stories. Example: an old piano filled with colorful family photos and placed in one corner of a living room with big, picturesque windows. Outside, you’ll see kids playing on the green grass.

If you’re looking for a place like this here in Cagayan de Oro – an Instagrammable neighborhood – the best and only choice would be the progressive neighborhood of Uptown CDO.

Uptown Cagayan de Oro is a growing community that offers a lot of refreshing attractions to people who are looking for a fresh start. Aside from being a flood and traffic-free area, it is also safe, with its residential communities offering 24/7security. This highly urbanized, sustainable residential township and business center has tons of entertainment and leisure options, and is close to some of the city’s best schools as well.

And, yes, Uptown CDO is an Instagrammable neighborhood.

Why Uptown CDO is Instagrammable

Uptown Cagayan de Oro provides its residents and community members a vibrant but peaceful scenery. One that relaxes, rejuvenates, and warms even the most tired and hungry soul. It is IG-worthy especially because of:

1. Its sunrises and sunsets. Need I say more?

2. Its well-managed streets that are beautifully draped by the warm sun in the daytime and bathed by the moonlight at night.

3. Its panoramic view of majestic Macajalar Bay.

4. Its trees and greens that conveniently blend with modern structures and commercial establishments surrounding the community.

5. It is where you’ll find Primavera City, a groundbreaking project developed by Italpinas Development Corporation.

Primavera City

Primavera City combines world-class commercial/office facilities with the best in residential condominium living. It is an eco-friendly development that features seven green buildings and one high-rise tower.

A master-planned community, Primavera City boasts of a natural ventilation system, which means air can freely go in and out of the building. Even in the hot summer months, residents will enjoy cool, fresh air.

Among other features, Primavera City also has a rooftop where you can enjoy not only the Instagrammable view but also the relaxing swimming pool. There’s also a jogging path, a sauna, a playground, and a function hall.

In this city within a city, you’ll have the  pleasure of not only living/working in the finest mixed-use building in CDO, you’ll also be surrounded by a vibrant, refreshing, and IG-worthy Uptown CDO community.

Imagine watching the sunrise and sunset at the rooftop, or in your condominium unit – where the windows give you a breathtaking picturesque view of the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Wouldn’t you want to wake up each day knowing that this is what awaits you?

So, are you ready to go uptown now?

(Photos from Italpinas, the Primavera Residences by Italpinas Development Corporation Facebook page, and primaveraresidences.com. Used with permission.)

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