Geek Wars, for those who are not yet familiar with it, is a weekly trivia event held at Loreto’s. It has been providing clean, exciting, and mind-boggling (at times) fun to Cagayan de Oro’s trivia community since July 15, 2015. So it is now on its second year.

Organized by a group that goes by the same name, Geek Wars takes pride in the fact that all the trivia categories it dishes out week after week are products of the group’s hard work. Every week, they sit down to discuss and decide what to feature the following Wednesday. All of the group’s members are encouraged to contribute ideas; the more unique, the better.

Geek Wars’ weekly goal is to make sure all the teams have fun while trying to outsmart each other.

How It Started

Geek Wars actually started out as one of the teams that regularly played at the Missy Bon Bon trivia night back in 2011 (If I remember it right). After the MBB TN ended, the group decided to pursue a different weekly habit (board games). Several months later, however, some friends from JCI-Kagayhaan Gold approached Geek Wars. It was for a trivia event for a cause, for the benefit of the victims and survivors of typhoon Yolanda.

A Night of Trivia for Visayas was held at Balbacue in Lifestyle District. That was the group’s first stint as trivia event organizers and it received a lot of positive feedback. Geek Wars had a different name at that time (Haney Jane Foundation or HJF), but it was the start of something big for the group. After the first time came another benefit event, this time at Bourbon St. Bistro (now closed).

Before Loreto’s became Geek Wars’ official home, the group jumped from one venue to another, making sure that CDO’s trivia aficionados had a place to go to every week.  Geek Wars was officially launched on January 30, 2014 at  Frankees (along Macajalar Street and JR Borja Extension).


Geek Wars launching at Frankees.

Geek Wars also had a big event at Lifestyle District in August of 2014. It was organized in partnership with a local BPO company.

Likewise, the group had regular GW events at Angelo’s Ristorante (Lifestyle District) for several months.

Clash of Geeks 2017, Centrio Mall

The group has done special trivia events for Centrio Mall (for two summers now), CDO Toy Show, CDO-ICT, TechWars/TechSpark, VEST, Hi-Way 43, and various organizations and clubs like the Misamis Oriental Medical Society (MOMS) and the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS); as well as for schools like Liceo de Cagayan University and University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP).

VEST’s 50 Shades of Green, a Geek Wars special trivia event at Centrio Mall.

In June of 2015, months after Geek Wars wrapped up its run at Frankees, Ms. Donna Ocampo of Loreto’s met with the group. She had long wanted a trivia event for Loreto’s and she asked Geek Wars to organize it. The first Geek Wars at Loreto’s happened on July 15, 2015, a Wednesday, of course. From then on, Wednesdays at Loreto’s have never been the same again.

July 15, 2015, the first Geek Wars at Loreto’s.

Anniversary Treat

For its 2nd birthday at Loreto’s,  Geek Wars is giving away special prizes to all the teams that will join the celebration tomorrow (July 19) and next Wednesday (July 26). This is apart from the rewards from Loreto’s.

Likewise, special surprises are in store for the teams towards the month-end. So it is important for you and your friends to be there every Wednesday!

Of course, the categories are also something to look forward to, especially since the group worked hard to come up with exciting trivia fun for everyone. There’s always something interesting to look forward to from Geek Wars at Loreto’s, you know!

All these surprises are made possible with the support and generosity of Loreto’s and some of Geek Wars’ friends:  1A Express Hotel, LogicBase Interactive LLC, Dunkin’ Donuts, Ororama, MCM Fit Nest, Coffee Quarters, The New Office CoWorking Space, Chingkeetea, Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness, Bucket O’ Shrimps & More, NAILS.Glow CDO, Globe, Kathryn Bakeshop, Francine’s by Francine M. Magallona, and Pizzarella CDO.

July 2015, 16 teams.


Geek Wars at Loreto’s two years later. An average of 15-20 teams every week.

If you want genuine fun and surprises, join Geek Wars at Loreto’s every Wednesday at 7:30pm. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting, mind-boggling, and rewarding experience for you and your friends (and even for your family).

See you at Loreto’s!


For more information, and to get in touch with Geek Wars, check out their Facebook Page HERE.

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