I wanted to draw either my lolo or my lola, but I was afraid I won’t be able to do justice to their portraits, so I decided against it. Instead, I searched for an image of an elderly person and made a drawing based on it.

While I was doing my drawing, I couldn’t help but think about my lolas – MammaIn (Perla Neri-Fortich) and Mama Chata (Soledad Reyes-Nery). I remember their baby-like smell, their soft skin, their grace and sophistication despite simplicity. I remember their smiles and their laughters. I remember them calling out my name. I remember them so vividly it’s like they’re sitting beside me. Such beautiful people, inside and out. And I miss them more.

But I’m not sad. I know they’re with the loves of their lives: MammaIn with Lolo Titang, and Mama Chata with Papa Titing and Lolo Pons. I know they look down on me and help keep me safe each day.

I love you, MammaIn. I love you, Mama Chata.


MammaIn with Lolo Titang in Corrales (now Meet Shop/Karomata):

Mama Chata with Daddy, Mommy, Connie and I in New Manila, Quezon City (sometime in the late 80s):

…and here’s my version of an elderly woman (looking down, ’cause I can’t draw one with eyes open! hehe…):

Love your grandparents! They’re one of God’s greatest treasures to you!

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  1. awww…. that’s so sweet Mai… i know where that family pic was taken! I miss Mama Chatz everyday.. I’m so glad Anton had a chance to know her. Thanks for sharing.

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