Ever since it opened, I have always wondered what it would be like to spend a day at Seven Seas Waterpark. I found out the answer (or answers) last May 11, when we at CDO Bloggers held our second quarter general membership meeting (GMM) at the waterpark through the kindness of Engr. Elpie Paras, CEO of UC-1 Corporation, the owner and operator of Seven Seas.

After the Seven Seas staff served us a sumptuous luncheon feast, Engr. Paras sat down with us for a few minutes and shared several exciting news about the waterpark. The main goal, according to him, is to continuously develop Seven Seas until it becomes a world-class destination. If the number of people that flock to the Waterpark every day is an indication, I’d say that this goal will soon be realized.

Engr. Elpie Paras
Engr. Elpie Paras

Located along the Opol-Bulua Diversion Road, Seven Seas attracts visitors coming from not only Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental, but from other parts of Northern Mindanao as well. Some tourists even go straight to the Waterpark from the Laguindingan Airport. For many, Seven Seas is the best weekend escapade – instead of hopping on a bus for an out of town trip, they choose to spend an entire day at the Waterpark enjoying the cool waters, the fun rides, and the food.

This is expected because, honestly, Seven Seas has everything you need for a memorable getaway with family and friends. I can cite seven reasons why it should be on top of your adventure list.

  1. Seven Seas is accessible.

Part of the fun of a trip or getaway is the process of getting there. While some people love riding on buses and airplanes, there are others who prefer the more convenient alternative. This is where Seven Seas comes in.

You don’t have to ride a bus (unless you’re coming from outside Cagayan de Oro or Misamis Oriental) or an airplane (unless you’re from outside Region 10).

If you’re coming from Cagayan de Oro, you can ride the public utility jeep (PUJ) or take a taxi and go on to the Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road (the highway). To get to the Opol-Bulua Diversion Road, turn right as soon as you pass by SnR. You’ll see the diversion road from there, which is where you should turn left. Your markers are a bridge and a gas station. There are markers all over, so you won’t get lost.

My friends and I took a cab going to Seven Seas and it was a smooth ride.

  1. Seven Seas has all the thrills of a world-class themed waterpark.

The minute you step inside Seven Seas, you’ll find all the fun rides your friends have been raving to you about. Buccaneer Bay is considered as one of the country’s largest dual wave pools. The Pacific Racer, a slide with three tubes, always has one of the longest lines.

Pirate Caraibes and Captain Kidd’s Hideout, which feature an aqua playhouse and an aqua slidehouse, are the perfect adventures for children – and for the young at heart.

Then there’s the Riptide Reef (boomerang slide), the Pira-Chute (open spiral slide), Escape Tunnel (enclosed spiral slide), the Cutless (100-meter linear waterslide), and the Cannonball Run (free full waterslides, the highest and fastest in the country).

The Mighty Cyclone
The Mighty Cyclone


My favorites are the Mighty Maui River (the country’s longest mazy river at 400m) and the Cyclone, the Philippines’ largest waterslide. My friends and I got on the Cyclone several times. It was so fun! It gave me a different kind of adrenaline rush! You should try it, too! You’ll see the Cyclone the minute you get inside the Waterpark – it’s that huge blue and green funnel beside the wave pools.

Seven Seas Waterpark wave pools
Seven Seas Waterpark wave pools
  1. Seven Seas is the Philippines first and largest pirate-themed waterpark.

There are a lot of waterparks in the country but Seven Seas stands out because it is the only one that’s pirate-themed. It’s also recognized as the second largest themed Waterpark in the Philippines, next to Clark’s. It can conveniently host up to 2,000 visitors daily.

  1. Seven Seas serves affordable and delicious food.

Like most of the world-class themed waterparks and parks in the country, Seven Seas does not allow food inside its premises. However, this should be the least of your concerns as there are several restaurants and snack bars inside the waterpark. If you’re worried about the price, don’t be. My friend and I ordered their cheeseburger meal and we were pleasantly surprised that we paid only a little over Php100!

And, yes, the burger tastes really, really good! In fact, I felt a bit nostalgic because just one bite of it brought me back to the 80s, when the Paras family gave Kagay-anons extra juicy and delicious burgers courtesy of Sesame Burger. Every bite was worth the price!

Tastes like Sesame Burger!
Tastes like Sesame Burger!

Aside from burgers, Seven Seas also serves pizza, rice meals, and chicken, among others. Dessert like cakes, shakes, and ice cream are likewise available.

They also cater to large groups; they served a variety of delicious dishes for the buffet spread they prepared for CDO Bloggers.

So, yes, there’s no need to worry about food. There’s something for everyone at the waterpark. (If I could, I’d ride a taxi to Seven Seas every day just to get a taste of its burger!)

  1. At Seven Seas, there’s always something new to look forward to.

Engr. Paras informed us that several new slides are currently under construction, ones that are mostly for the children. In addition, UC-1 and its partners are looking at the drawing boards and working on some plans for Seven Seas. These developments, however, cannot be divulged at the moment as per his request.

What I can tell you, however, is the exciting news that night operations will soon start at the waterpark. In fact, they’ve had several dry runs already and last May 20, Concentrix held its Family Day at Seven Seas from the morning all the way to the evening. Exact details of the night operations will soon be announced.

I’m sure this development will be met with a lot of cheers, especially from members of the senior community. Those who prefer to have fun under moonlit nights are likewise expected to benefit from this development.

  1. Seven Seas is safe, sanitary, and regularly maintained.

Some people have had reservations about swimming in Seven Seas’ pools because of safety and sanitary reasons. But I’ve been there twice and found myself enjoying the whole day, until the waterpark closed. I felt safe as there were lifeguards everywhere. In addition, the pools were all clean and well-maintained.

Engr. Paras said the Seven Seas staff performs daily maintenance and cleaning every day, from 3am to 10am. This is why the Waterpark opens mid-morning.

  1. Seven Seas is for everyone.

Seven Seas welcomes anyone who wishes to have fun and enjoy. There is no age limit, although there are restrictions for some rides (for the benefit of the riders, of course) and certain rules for swimwear (proper swimsuit, rashguard, board shorts, bikini, dri-fit shirt). Cotton shirts and shorts are prohibited, especially if you plan to ride, as this material can easily get stuck on the rides once it becomes wet.

For those who do not have the appropriate swimwear, they the option of buying one from the Seven Seas gift shop, the items of which are reasonably priced.

Muslim women guests can wear full body dry fit suits in lieu of the hijab, which can get stuck in the rides.


Seven Seas regularly comes up with special offers for the Waterpark tickets. Sometimes, prices are discounted to as much as 50%. Here are the regular rates:


Adult – Php799

Kids (Below 4ft) – Php499

Senior/PWD (already discounted) – Php639

Kids below 3ft – FREE


Adult – Php999

Kids (Below 4ft) – Php599

Senior/PWD – Php799

Kids below 3ft – FREE

You can rent cabanas inside. The rate ranges from Php600 to Php900 for one whole day of use. There are also free tables with umbrellas.

Seven Seas Waterpark is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Bring your family and friends to the country’s first pirate-themed waterpark and have an adventure you won’t forget for a long time!

The Mighty Cyclone (Photo by Francis N. Mansibugan)
The Mighty Cyclone (Photo by Francis N. Mansibugan)

Enjoy, mateys!

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