I love dogs. So the 14th day of the drawing challenge shouldn’t have been a problem for me, right? Wrong!…I know I love dogs. I definitely love toy pugs. The problem was that I don’t know how to draw!  I found a solution, though.

I went to Google Images and searched for cartoon drawings of toy pugs; and I found one! Well, I used that drawing as my model. I don’t know, though, if what I did was a toy pug. It definitely looked like a dog; I’m just not sure if it’s anything like the toy pug I want.

Anyway, before I let you take a glimpse of my portrait of a pet, let me tell you why I love pugs. I have three reasons, actually:

Reason #1: They’re cute. Yup! No matter how “messed up” and “problematic” they look, they’re simply cute and adorable for me! There’s just something about the way they look that always makes me want to say, “Awww…it’s all right, baby!”

Reason #2: They’re cuddly!!!

Reason #3: I love small dogs…and pugs are small in a really, really adorable way!

So now you know why I love pugs. It’s time to take a peek at the portrait that I did. I hope I did justice to pugs with this drawing. Here goes nothing…


Well, I did try my best. Anyway, to justify my choice of pugs for pets, here’s a screenshot of my desktop, which shows the pug in all its adorable and cute glory!

My desktop pug <3

Love your pets, everyone!

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