Have you long wanted to work, study, or live in Australia? Or perhaps you prefer New Zealand? If your dream is to find new adventures, build new memories, and learn and discover new things in any of these places, then maybe you’d like to check out World Connect CDO’s job orientations scheduled for three Saturdays this month and in March.

World Connect CDO is an immigration consultancy services company dedicated to providing “excellent education and immigration services” to individuals who dream of studying or working in New Zealand and Australia. Its mission is to help build better lives for Filipinos.

One of the ways World Connect CDO can help is by offering job orientations. These are events that will help prepare those who are interested and dreaming of studying and working in Australia or New Zealand. If you join one, you will know what you need to do to realize your dream of giving your family a more financially rewarding life.

The first orientation is intended for engineers who are passionate in their quest for better professional opportunities. The event will happen on Saturday, Feb 18. This FREE orientation will take place at Unit B, 2nd floor, Golden Uptown, Masterson Avenue in Upper Balulalng. The building is just across the 1st gate of Xavier Estates. The event will start at 2pm, so be there early!

On February 25, World Connect CDO will once again hold a free orientation session. This time around, it will be for teachers who want to try their luck in New Zealand or Australia. Time and venue are the same.

Finally, on March 4, same time and venue, World Connect will hold a special free orientation for physical therapists and nurses. If you join the event, you’ll not only learn, but you will also increase your chances of starting a new life in New Zealand or Australia.

If you want to increase your chances of building a better life and creating new adventures in your dream country, connect with World Connect CDO. Join their special free orientation events. To get more details and to register, please call 088-850 5308 or 0926-0728 569. You may also check their Facebook page here. You may also want to visit their website at http://worldconnectph.com/.

Hurry! Start working on your dream to live, earn, and learn in New Zealand and Australia. Get connected with World Connect now!

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