No matter how much my budget is or how few the items I need are, I always end up spending an hour or more inside the supermarket. One of the reasons for this is the fact that I go around and try to find the best deal for whatever it is that I need. Sometimes, when the budget permits, I also indulge in an item or two that are not in my official list.

Of late, though, I’ve been spending less time in the supermarket, primarily because I know there really is nothing new I will find there. I’ve memorized practically every item, so I know where to find them and which ones are not available there. For me, part of the joy of grocery shopping is finding new items that you can buy and eventually love. This kind of excitement has been missing lately.

Then, last July 26, along with my friends from the media and the blogging world, I was invited to a special preview of S&R. It turned out to be an experience I will never forget for a long time.

I’m not really new to membership shopping, having spent my college and post-college years in Metro Manila. I’ve also been to Clark and Subic several times, shopping with family and friends. However, it was my first time to experience S&R membership shopping.

Mr. Greg Kreyer toured us around the warehous-type store.

While we did not really buy anything that night, we were given the privilege to tour the warehouse-type store. Leading the tour was Mr. Greg Kreyer, S&R’s Vice President for Operations. We were able to explore every nook and cranny of the store. It was an exciting experience for me as I saw a lot of items that have long been in my list of things to buy.

An Assortment of Items

I saw an assortment of food items, house accessories, bathroom necessities, wine and liquor, high quality meat, vegetables, stuffed toys, home appliances, and many more. I was delighted to find different kinds of cheese, and my heart jumped for joy when I saw the big bags of dog biscuits and treats. I have been looking all over CDO for these items, and they’re finally here. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

S&R is quite unique because it offers not only the usual grocery items. If you need to change tires, they have just the right services and products for you. If you’re in a rush to find good tasting cakes for a special celebration, they have some, too. You can even have the cakes decorated with your personal message and design.

Sushi lovers will likewise love the corner S&R has reserved especially for them!

At S&R, you are guaranteed to find something new and exciting; something that you can add to your list of must-haves and I-needs. And that is what I have been looking for here in CDO. Something that makes supermarket or grocery shopping exciting.

Food! Glorious Food!

Food haven.

Of course, when all the shopping is done and over with, what comes to mind next? Food, of course! And this, S&R has a lot of. You can choose to indulge in their famous large-sized pizzas or savor the goodness of their muffins. You can also choose to take home delicious roasted chicken. And, if you’re thirsty, you can have all the drinks you want, all cold and iced!


What a treat!

We were able to savor their pizzas and muffins, and everything was just perfect. It was like a heaven-sent feast for everyone!


This is how S&R spoils and satisfies their customers. By giving only the absolute best shopping and dining experience.

Membership Shopping

S&R membership shopping means privileged shopping.

First, you get to enjoy discounts the whole year round. When you apply for a Gold Membership card (Php700 annually) or a Business Card (Php900), you will also get a booklet filled with discount coupons good for one year. That means 365 days of discounted shopping. No need to wait for sale days!

Second, you are regarded as a privileged shopper. Whenever there is something new at S&R, you are one of the first to find out about it or to try it out.

Third, you are guaranteed to get only high quality products every time you shop at S&R. Mr. Kreyee revealed that one of the secrets of S&R are the people who go around the world to shop and find the best products at the most reasonable prices. Where else can you find such items in CDO?

My Kind of Store

So, yes, S&R is definitely my kind of store. If you value every peso that you earn, you, too, should prefer to shop at S&R. You’re guaranteed to get all the rewards that you worked hard for. Value and rewards that you’ll enjoy the whole year through.

I already have my S&R membership card. So, anytime now, I am going to bring my family to S&R and shop. It will be fun and exciting, and it will be worth all the peso I will spend.

Some of the items you’ll find at S&R.
The membership card application and releasing area.


Get your membership card now. Visit S&R Membership Shopping at Zone 5, Kauswagan Highway. You won’t miss it. It’s big and the parking ground is spacious. It’s a sight you won’t be able to get off your mind for a long, long time.

Pizza, muffins, unlimited drinks, fun shopping…only at S&R!

Happy S&R shopping, Kagay-anons!


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