Christmas is just around the corner, so I decided to post something really Christmas-sy. Yesterday, we went to the VIP Hotel for my aunt’s birthday party and I had the chance to take photos of the Christmas Village displayed at the hotel lobby. Although my camera is just the simple digital kind, I’m still sharing the photos with you because I want you to experience the VIP Christmas Village, too; with high hopes that you will also feel the special meaning of the season of all seasons.

So, here are my photos:

The view from the mezzanine.

Santa's house...
Santa caught peeking from the door!

So there you have it, the VIP Hotel Christmas Village. If you have some free time, why don’t you drop by the hotel so you can see this awesome display yourself? I’m sure it will be an experience you’ll remember for a long time!

Merry Christmas, CDO! Merry Christmas, World!

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