StreetBy and Gaisano City Mall officially launched the first ever major grocery app in Mindanao last weekend. This collaborative effort aims to serve every local and help meet demands amidst heavy traffic and the dense population of Cagayan de Oro City. It is a big milestone for a start-up and a long-existing shopping power house.

Convenient Grocery-Shopping

With just a simple tap on your smartphone, your grocery-shopping experience is now easier and hassle-free. You won’t have to leave your home just to buy a few necessities or even your whole month’s consumption. All you need to do is open the StreetBy app and get what you need or two from the thousands of products available in Gaisano Grocery.

The goal of this initiative is to serve customers better and to upgrade their shopping experience. Your grocery’s safety will not be compromised. Dedicated Gaisano personnel will carefully pack your valuables in your personal cart from manufactured goods to perishables. From fresh canned goods and condiments, to delicate toiletries and baby products, to household and laundry care, and many more, StreetBy will deliver your groceries wherever you are in the city.

This is just the first of many for StreetBy as it continues to set a standard for an experience for Kagay-anons. So, expect more in the future.

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