Most of you know by now of the deadly wrath that Typhoon Sendong (international name: Washi) unleashed on Cagayan de Oro. Despite the gloom – all the lives lost, the houses destroyed and families displaced – Kagay-anons have bonded and shown courage under fire.

Old and young, rich and poor; Kagay-anons have found a myriad of ways to help the victims and their families. From donating to relief centers, to organizing feeding campaigns, to putting up benefit concerts; everybody is up on their feet, sharing whatever they have and helping out in the best way they can.

On Thursday, December 22, there will be a concert for a cause that will bring together the talented choirs and choristers of Cagayan de Oro. Dubbed “When You Believe: A Concert for A Cause”, the concert will be held at the Immaculate Conception Chapel of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. Admission is free, but the audience is encouraged to bring any donation – whether in cash or in kind – that can be of help to the victims of Typhoon Sendong. The concert will start at 7pm. Below is a link to the event page on FB, if you need to get more information:

Friday, December 23, is a big day for Kagay-anons, for on that day, hundreds will gather at the Kiosko ng Kagawasan in Divisoria to witness the coming together of some of the city’s best artists. Bands, performance artists, hip hop groups, and visual artists, among others, will share their talents to bring in more help for the victims of Sendong. The all-day, all-night extravaganza is aptly called “ONE CDO“. Performances will start at 9am, all the way up to 12 midnight. People are requested to bring some goods that they can donate for the Sendong victims.

The all-day donation drive will feature artists/performers like The Superflirts, Ruska, Almost Satellite, Paid, Bedroom Dropouts, Peachfuzz, CDO Human Beatbox, Champ and Biswal Mindanao.

Finally, on Christmas day, December 25, Kagay-anons will troop to the streets to prove that Sendong the Grinch will not succeed in taking away Christmas this year! “Help CDO: Let’s Bring Christmas to the Streets” is a street Christmas party intended to help the Sendong victims feel the spirit of the season in one way or another. Families, friends or groups are encouraged to gather in the streets – wherever they want to be – and hand out “Christmas gifts” (in the form of relief goods) to the victims. It’s like partying for a cause on Christmas day.

For those who will not be able to troop to the streets for some reason, donations can be dropped off at the PARASAT TV office in Corrales Avenue.

So, despite all the terrible things that Sendong brought to us, Kagay-anons, we still have reasons to celebrate this Christmas. Let’s get together, stand as one and prove that Sendong the Grinch will not succeed in his aim to wreak more havoc on CDO and its people! Go away, Grinch, CDO is a-ok without you!!!

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