This week’s featured artist is Mozambican emcee-songwriter Palavi Da King, a.k.a. Muduvan.

Palavi’s music style is Rap Soul, which combines elements of political hip-hop, boombap, and gangsta rap. His music is uplifting, inspiring, and motivational, with its gospel voices and relaxing, smooth RnB vocals soothing your tired soul. Think of Palavi as a motivational artist to who sings, and I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

Palavi grew up in a multicultural, diverse environment, and this significantly contributed to his quest to be different and stand out. His uniqueness is captured in the songs and music he creates.

In his younger years, Palavi performed in various high school productions. He also traveled a lot, and in these travels, he always found the time to interact with other people – fellow artists – and promote South African and Mozambique music. He loved exchanging music information with every artist he met.

Palavi also loves composing for friends and loved ones – and anyone who is genuinely interested in music.

Towards the end of the 1990s, he became part of the musical group The Hardcore, which he co-founded with artist Hotskillz. Together with artist-friends Bulletproof and Killah Kode, the group made their mark in the South African music scene. This was a significant milestone in Palavi’s career because this was when started creating and recording his own music.

Palavi’s latest single, The Calling, will come out tomorrow, October 15. In this motivational musical masterpiece, he collaborates with Filipino-Australian artist Mary Ann Van Der Horst and vocalist Forbes Elmer, an African-Filipino singer-songwriter.

Let’s get to know more of Palavi through this Q&A:

Q:  Have you always wanted to be an artist/performer? When did you realize it was what you wanted to do?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an artist. As a young boy, I would stand in front of the TV and imitate other singers; Billie Ocean, Chris De Burgh, Whitney Houston, and many more.

Q:  When did you start performing? What was that first time like? How did you feel after the performance?

I started performing in high schools in South Africa at the age of 16. It was an overwhelming experience as I would get goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach because of stage fright. After every  performance, I would feel like I had accomplished something great.

Q:  Do you have artists/performers you consider your inspiration? Any artist you look up to? Musical influences?

I don’t have artists as inspiration, but I look up to what they create. My inspiration is the work they deliver. I have many musical influences that vary according to time and situations.

Q:  What advice given to you by a family member or a co-artist do you hold close to your heart? Why?

The advice given to me that I hold close to my heart came from my father as he was lying on his death bed. He saw me crying and he said, “Son, you shall suffer, but remember to be strong.” I also remember him telling me that men cry from the inside.

Q:  How often do you practice? Do you have a routine for every performance?

My practicing will vary on the time schedule of a certain project. Otherwise, it is just random.

For every performance, I like to isolate myself to meditate for a few minutes. It helps me focus on why I’m doing the performance.

Palavi Da King

Q:  What’s your biggest career goal? An album? A concert or show? How close are you to achieving this goal?

Having an album is quite an accomplishment, but concerts and shows are at the top of my list because I enjoy showing people what I can do with the mic, and I like to do it live.

Q:  Aside from performing, what else do you love to do?

I love to spend time with family and friends, watch movies, being a father, cooking, and eating.

Q:  What advice would you like to share with aspiring young artists?

My advice to young artists is to remember that they are a force, and with that comes great responsibility. Also, respect your elders regardless of status so that God may protect your path. Know yourself and you shall understand others.

Q:  What is your inspiration in writing THE CALLING?

Music is about thoughts and The Calling was in my mind almost all my life. But because God`s timing is perfect, the song progressed in these trying times.

Q:  How will this song give an impact on the listeners?

Hopefully, it will have a positive impact as the song creates awareness in many aspects to be considered, especially in this pandemic. Our differences make us unique and the song can help sprout that worthy feeling and ignite a spirit of togetherness.

The Calling Album Cover

Palavi Da King’s The Calling will be available on all musical streaming platforms tomorrow, October 15. Check out his Spotify page here.

Follow Palavi Da King on Facebook. You’ll also find him on YouTube.

THE CALLING Song Credits

Performed by Palavi Da King ft. Mary Ann Van Der Horst & Forbes Elmer

Lyrics by Palavi Da King

Music by Palavi Da King and Sensei (beat maker)

Music Arranged by Billy Ray

Recorded at Amazing Box Studio

Back-up Vocals by Mary Ann Van Der Horst & Forbes Elmer

Edited by Bam Roa

Mixed and Mastered by Huly Ray Asidor

Music Business Consultant: Donie M. Galigao

Record Label under DBA Studios

PH Artwork Design by DMG Projects & Designs

Music Video Credits

Video Concept by Donie M. Galigao

Directed by Hussein Amade Dias Dos Santos Mohamade

Filmed by HDS Studio

Video Edited by Direk Erwena Arguelles

Executive Producer: Forbes Elmer

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