KENKO NAICHA Tea Lounge…for Tea Lovers in CDO!!!

If tea is your thing, especially milk tea, then you should try this addicting tea lounge at Robinson’s CDO and Centrio Mall: Kenko Naicha. They have a multitude of milk tea, fruit juice blends, and non-caffeine drinks that you’ll grow to love. You can also choose to add some chewies, like Chinese black jelly, to your drink. For those who are watching their sugar intake, you can choose your drink’s sweetness level. Personalizing your drink is easy at Kenko Naicha. It’s the perfect stopover after a tiring day of shopping – or window shopping -and even while watching your favorite movie!


Check out Kenko Naicha at the 2nd floor of Robinson’s CDO and at the 3rd floor of Centrio Mall (cinema area). I’m sure you’ll have enjoy deciding which drink to try out first. I’ve tried several and I’m going back for more — soon! So, see you there!


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