I have always wanted to get an insurance policy for myself and for my husband. I actually bought one some three or so years ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out because I was in between jobs at that time and couldn’t afford the monthly payments. I had to let go. I was confident, however, that I’d eventually find the right insurance plan.

So, when I found out that FWD Life Philippines offers affordable plans, I decided to check them out with the thought that I’d finally find what I was looking for. And, I did! I found Kanduu.

FWD Insurance’s KanDuu has three insurance plans we can choose from: KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard. I chose the last option – KanGuard – because it provides protection and support for my family from accidents and terror attacks. It’s the ideal protection for the kind of global environment we have nowadays.

To be more specific, here’s what the plan offers:

  • Financial support by way of a PhP500,000 cash benefit in case of an accidental death – good until you turn 65 years old
  • PhP500,000 cash support in case of permanent disability resulting from a terror attack
  • One year global emergency services reward
  • Worldwide coverage

Convenient and Affordable

Unlike the previous insurance I got, there are no complicated procedures and requirements for FWD’s KanDuu KanGuard. I bought the plan online. I didn’t have to worry about tons of paperwork and medical stuff. In addition, there’s also an app that I can use to manage my KanGuard plan. It’s the most convenient insurance for these modern times! KanGuard is also affordable – and this is another reason I chose to buy it. For only PhP1799 per year, I already have reliable protection against accidents and terror attacks. Less than Php2,000 annually and you are already assured of coverage. Where can you find an excellent deal like that nowadays?

How to Buy KanDuu KanGuard Online

As mentioned earlier, KanGuard can be purchased online; no need for you to physically visit FWD offices or to set up an appointment with an agent. Here are the simple steps to follow when buying the said insurance plan.

Visit http://shop.fwd.com.ph/, FWD’s online insurance shop. (For Cagayan de Oro buyers, go to¬†)

Choose the plan of your choice (KanMend, KanLive, or KanGuard).

Once you’ve decided, click the Buy Now button.

Fill in the blanks with the correct information.

Once done, get your ID (SSS, PhilHealth, passport, Voters’ ID, or any legal/government-issued ID) and upload this for proof of identity. Point your mobile phone’s camera on your ID and click the button that says Upload.


Click continue and then proceed to the payment page. You can use your credit or debit card to pay the Php1799 one year plan. Fill up the billing information page with your details, including those of your credit or debit card payment. Click Next. Click Accept Order only after you have thoroughly and carefully reviewed all details on the information and payment pages.

You have now bought your KanDuu insurance! A confirmation email will be sent to you in more or less 24 hours.

Since I cannot avail of their insurance policy anymore (I’m 51 years old), I enrolled my husband, Walter, to the KanGuard plan.


KanGuard is a good investment for people like me who are looking for a convenient, affordable, and reliable insurance plan. So, if I were you, I’d start investing on FWD’s KanGuard – or on any of the other two insurance plans under the KanDuu brand. You don’t have an excuse not to, anyway: it’s easy to buy, it’s not expensive, and it has good coverage! What more can you ask for from an insurance, right?

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