Higalaay Street Festival Year 3 will unfold later today at 3pm. If you’re partying at the hippest, happiest, and most happening event in Cagayan de Oro this year, you should take note of several reminders. These are things we all need to know and follow to make sure that everyone will go home with the best memories of the most epic party since 2015. As such, here are some Higalaay Street Festival party reminders.

What to Bring

1.Friends – What good is a party if you’re alone? So better call on all your friends and tell them all about the party you’re joining tonight! One or two friends will do; but the more friends, the merrier we will all be!

2. Your party spirit – If you leave your party mood at home, how are your going to enjoy the awesome music the guest DJs have prepared for us? If you feel that you’re not in the party mood, here’s a tip: go to your bedroom and lock your door, play your favorite dance music – and play it loud, jump on your bed and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Do this for one hour at the minimum. By the time you finish, you’ll be raring to start the party!

3. Your Higalaay Shirt – Because we are a UNITED bunch, we party as one. And we’ll do this by wearing our Higalaay t-shirt! If you don’t have yours yet, you can get one at the venue. The shirt comes free with your ticket.

4. A waterproof pouch for your gadget and other valuable stuff – Because it’s going to be a wet and wild, foamy, and colorful festival party, you need to protect your gadgets and valuables. It won’t be any fun if all that you’ll do the whole night through is guard your phone so it won’t get wet and foamy!

If you do not have a waterproof pouch, you can buy one at the venue for a minimal cost.

What NOT to Bring

The Higalaay Street Festival organizers value everyone’s safety and security. So there are several guidelines that we all need to follow to ensure that no untoward incident will happen while we’re partying and celebrating. Please take note of the following items that are not allowed for the duration of the party:

1.No wearing of shades and hats (regardless of type).

2.No bringing of sharp objects and fire hazards.

3.No bringing of backpacks.

Strict security measures will be implemented throughout the party venue. For a more detailed list of fiesta-related dos and don’ts, check out this post.

What to Expect

The Higalaay Street Festival is an all-in-one celebration. With your Php300/Php600 ticket, you’ll get to enjoy not only world-class music and entertainment; but a lot of other fun stuff that celebrates the higalaay spirit. Here are the awesome things you should expect from this year’s epic fiesta party:

1.World-class DJs – Of course, how can we party without DJs? For this year’s HSF, the organizers invited some of the best DJs and MCs in the world, the country, and in CDO. So we’re sure to get mesmerized by music and entertainment from people who are talented, passionate, and ready to party!

2.Good music – Because Higalaay Street Festival promises only the best!

3.Lots of colors – Expect a rainbow of colors to rain down on us while we’re celebrating and partying. And it’s all for good, clean fun!

4.Wet and Wild – It’s going to be a “foamy” party, so everybody will surely go wild with energy, and excitement!

5.Great food – There will be stalls all over the party venue, so if you go hungry or thirsty after all the partying, you’ll know where to go! And, oh, don’t forget that your ticket comes with free drinks! 😉


So, there you have it….everything you need to remember (and prepare) before hurrying off to party at the Higalaay Street Festival. Don’t forget, the celebration will be at CDO Bar at Rodelsa Rotunda. Gates will open at 3pm, so be there as early as you can.

Let’s get ready to party, higalas!


(Photo source: Higalaay Street Festival Facebook page. Used with permission.)

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