One of my favorite cartoon shows is the Rugrats. So, for the 9th day challenge, I decided to turn Phil and Lil, the adorable fraternal twin siblings in the series, into Siamese twins.

Rugrats always manages to make me smile. I love the innocence of the babies; and the way they make up their own vocabulary (like “faridgidator” for refrigerator, “sponserbilleries” for responsibilities and “shampoop” for shampooo) is simply cute! They also make up their own meanings:

“Tommy: You know, ossopits. Like, big and small…hot and cold…chocolate and medicine….”

“Lil: Why is it called the hair conditioner?
Tommy: Because the cold air comes out and blows my hair!”

(See more of the Rugrats babies’ vocabulary here.)

Phil and Lil DeVille wear the same outfits and like the same weird things: toilet water and worms (which they consume). Their term for worms is chocolate spaghetti. In my drawing, they wear their usual outfit – a jumper-like shirt. I hope you’ll like my drawing. Here it is:




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