I will have to post my interpretation of a hybrid animal after I receive a reply from an email I sent. Actually, I saw an image/a photo on Google images and I sort of used it; traced it for my hybrid drawing. I don’t know how to draw animals, so it was the easiest thing that I could do. Anyway, the email is for the original site that posted the photo. I asked permission to use the photo, but they haven’t replied yet.

Well, as soon as I get a reply from them and they say it’s a go, I’m going to post my hybrid animal interpretation. Just to give you an idea, it’s actually a bird-seal. So, there, I’ll leave you to your imagination for now! 😀


I didn’t get a reply from the website owners where I first saw the hybrid animal I like. So, I decided to make my own drawing of it – still based on their image. I don’t know if you’ll find my interpretation “kind to the eyes”, but I think it really does look like a bird-seal…Well. my husband said so! Haha!

So, here’s my interpretation of a bird-seal:


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