For the 6th day drawing challenge, I have to draw all the things that are inside my bag. Well, I took time to decide what to draw since my bag is always full – and it’s always big! I simply cannot carry around a small bag!

Anyway, there are some things that are not included in this drawing; like my Avamys spray and my chinese menthol inhaler, since they’re not in my bag right now. The most important things that I bring with me wherever I go and whatever bag I use are my wallet, cellphones, make up bag (as they contain my anti-histamines and my Carefrees), my alcohol and/or hand sanitizer, some ballpens and paper, Victoria Secret lotion, handkerchief or small towel, my iPod, eyeglass case, baby wipes and powder & lipstick.

Sometimes, especially when I travel, I put whatever book it is that I am reading (James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark and Heather Graham top my list) inside my bag. I sometimes bring my “ancient” digital camera, too!

There’s nothing much exciting in my bag, eh. I’m not really that vain, so I don’t bring a lot of make up and other similar stuff. I’m more of a powder-and-lipstick person.

So, if you’re ready…come and take a peek at what’s inside my bag!


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