Yup, that’s right. Imaginary friends. I decided to feature two imaginary friends for the day 2 challenge. Actually, I had a difficult time choosing which one to do; so I decided to use both.

My first imaginary friend is “something” that I’ve been drawing since my high school years, so it’s become a part of me already. It’s a “something” and an “it” because I don’t really know what it is. I don’t even have a name for it. Hmmm…since this was inspired by the movie “Ghostbusters”, I might as well call my first imaginary friend Slimer. My husband, though, who took this picture while we were having afternoon snacks at Pancake House, thinks it looks more like He-Man’s Orco. Oh, well…whatever!

Here’s my first imaginary friend; Slimer/Orco:

My second imaginary friend is someone who always manages to comfort me – even if I don’t see her; even if I cannot touch her. I just know she’s with me at all times; especially when I’m in my darkest moments. This imaginary friend is like a fusion of all the special people in my life who have left our world and gone on to the next level: my mom, my grandfathers, my grandmothers, my aunt, my mother-in-law, and all my other relatives who are now silently and lovingly watching over my family and I every single day.

Everyone, meet my Angel:

I had some sort of a “model” when I drew this second imaginary friend. You see, I like coloring books. I have a lot of them, in fact; and I have around two coloring books of angels. So I decided to choose the angel that I liked best and chose it as a representation of my imaginary friend. It doesn’t really matter what my angel truly looks like, as long as she’s always there for me! After all, no one really knows what our angels look like, right?

Again, my drawings are not worthy of a place in any museum in the world. But they were done with love and passion. And I do hope these will count as plus points!

Happy drawing, everyone!

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