The day 10 challenge says I have to draw a superhero. I took some time to think about what my superhero would look like. I decided to make it look like any “ordinary” superhero – the generic type. You know why? ‘Cause in the real world, superheroes don’t wear their underwear on top of their pants; real world superheroes don’t have red capes and extraordinary powers. Real world heroes look like ordinary people. What makes them stand out is their extraordinary character. I guess that’s why I like Batman and Spiderman a lot; they’re just ordinary folks who developed extraordinary powers. They weren’t born with their powers. At the end of the day, they’re still humans.

My generic superhero is the opposite of the real world superhero. It takes after the ideal Superman look.

My real world heroes, though, look nothing like him. My real world heroes are ordinary looking people who try to make the most of their lives from day-to-day. My real world heroes are simple people with extraordinary characteristics; they’ve helped me become who I am today. They’ve influenced a big part of me. And they keep me strong.

You know what? This post is incredibly fitting for tomorrow – Father’s Day. You know why? Because my real life superheroes are my dad, my husband and my grandfather. They’ll always be my superheroes, no matter how many new out-of-this-world-powered superheroes DC and Marvel will come up with. These people shape my whole being. They complete me.

Happy father’s day to my dad…

my husband…


and my grandfather, Cesar Miguel Azcona Fortich!

Happy father’s day to your dad, too, my friend!


And, oh, before I forget. I’d like to thank our country’s own superhero; the father of all Filipinos – Gat. Jose Rizal. Without him, where will we be today? Like him, I live life by the pen and ink; not with violence and bloodshed. Mabuhay ka, Rizal!




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