Every time he stepped onstage and the lights shone on him while music played in the background, Qrkoni Muyalde would feel his adrenaline pump and he’d start singing and strumming on his guitar. He’d get more excited when he hears the audience clap and sing with him. For Qrkoni, the stage has become his life, his world.

At the age of five, Qrkoni knew he wanted to be a performer, an artist. His parents helped him realize how badly he wanted to be a singer. Hearing them sing together inspired him to pursue his dream.

Like most Filipinos, Qrkoni performed a lot in school and during family gatherings. However, his performances were more than just fillers for programs and parties waiting for special guests to arrive. His intensity, passion, energy, and voice always had audiences up on their feet, praising his every performance.

Today, Qrkoni is taking a big leap, a significant step in his career. He’s no longer his awestruck 5-year-old self, but he’s as passionate and as inspired as ever to fulfill his dream of becoming a first-rate successful performer. After all the school programs and family gatherings, he’s now ready to take on a new challenge.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 18, Qrkoni’s single “Back Home” will be launched in various digital channels. I had the opportunity to get to ask him some questions about the song – and about his artistry, as well – via an online interview. I’d like to share with you interesting facts about our CDO personality of the week. Let’s do this slam book style.

Who inspire you to start singing?

My mom and dad.

Favorite artists/performers or Musical Influences:

I am an old soul. I love the music of Louie Armstrong, John Denver, Joshua Kadison, and other country pop music legends.

(*Note: “Back Home” is a catchy country song with mixes of pop.)

Biggest career goal:

To hold a concert at Wembley Stadium! It can be a solo or collaboration concert.

Practice schedule? Performance routine?

I practice at least two to three hours a day. I do vocalization and finger warm-up exercises before every performance.

(*Note: finger warm-up exercises are good for guitarists.)

Other interests aside from performing:

I do forest bathing and sports like badminton and basketball.

(*Note: Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) is a Japanese practice where you spend time outdoors, under shades of trees. It is said to help improve mental health, increase vigor, improve your mood, minimize stress levels, invite feelings of awe, and conquer fatigue. More information available here.)

Advice given by a family member or friend that you hold close to your heart:

The most memorable advice my dad and (former The Voice Kids contestant and performer) JK Labajo gave me: “Make your own music.” This is why I create and make music based on my experiences and aspirations.

Inspiration for writing “Back Home”:

With our current situation, I feel like I’m stuck in the chaos of the city. It makes me long for the spirit of the country life. A life of freedom, joy, happiness, and belongingness. These things are what “Back Home” is all about.

Impact of “Back Home” to listeners:

I’m hoping that “Back Home” will inspire the people and give them hope that soon, we will be free from the bondage of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Soon, our situation will be back to normal, and we’ll enjoy the state of being secure and safe.

Advice to aspiring young artists:

Just this: keep on doing what you love.

“Back Home”, Qrkoni’s newest single, will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, and other major online music stores starting tomorrow, September 18, 2020. The official music video teaser is now available on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Go back home with Qrkoni tomorrow. Download “Back Home” and share his music with your family and friends!

Back Home – Music & Lyrics by Qrkoni Muyalde

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