By now, almost everyone must have heard about the impending “closure” of Boracay, one of the favorite beach destinations in the country. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to enjoy the island several times and its closure (due to environmental violations and the need for “reconstruction”) is a sad reality for me. All my experiences there have been fun, relaxing, and the most memorable.

My first time in Boracay was in 2012, when my family and I went there to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It was our first vacation as a family (after mommy passed away in 2006). The hotel we stayed in (Boracay Garden Resort, now Hennan Garden Resort) was an all-in-one resort; it had several swimming pools and the breakfast buffet was superb.

Boracay Garden Resort Circa 2012
Boracay Garden Resort is now known as Hennan Garden Resort.


My second time was in June last year (2017), when I went to help out my sister who was in the process of moving to the island for her new job. We stayed at Alta Vista de Boracay, which was located in one of Boracay’s highest peaks. I loved eating breakfast by the poolside, with a majestic view surrounding me.

Alta Vista Pool
Breakfast at A;ta Vista de Boracay poolside.

In October last year, my dad and I went to Boracay to spend time with my niece and my sister (who works there as the Sports and Leisure Manager of Crimson Resort and Spa). It was my longest stay in the island – from October 25 to November 6. That vacation gave me a glimpse of how simple life is in Boracay. I established a routine: after waking up, I’d walk to 7-11, McDonald’s, or Jollibee to buy breakfast; then I’d go to the beach after eating breakfast and stay there until 12noon or a little past 1pm. Then I’d go back to the hotel room to rest and join my family for late lunch. In the afternoon, we either stayed in the room or went to D’Mall to walk around and have merienda at Halowich. Sometimes, I’d go back to the beach for a swim. Dinner was almost always at Andok’s or Hoy Panga! Nightcap was usually at Tom N Tom’s or Coffee 85.

Andok's Boracay
One of the many Andok’s branches in Boracay.
Halowich at D’Mall.

I walked around Boracay wearing tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, and my Havaianas slippers. Sometimes, I simply wore an oversized shirt over my swimsuit and roamed around D’Mall or bought groceries at Budget Mart. That’s how simple life is in Boracay.

Halowich Boracay
Mango feast at Halowich!

Also, the sunset! Boracay has an amazing sunset! People actually wait for the sun to set, so much so that it has become a regular activity on the island. Some hotels and resorts even offer sunset and post-sunset viewing activities. In all of my visits to Boracay, I took a lot of photos and videos of the sunset. It’s one of the things I love the most about the island.

Sunset in Boracay
Sunset in Boracay

Here’s a time lapse video I made last year:

I know that the island has problems, especially in terms of sewage. So I understand the drastic measures the government is taking. It’s going to take a toll on a lot of individuals and establishments, but I’m hoping Boracay will bounce back after this challenge.

Coffee 85
Coffee 85, one of my favorite nightcaps in Boracay.

A lot of people, my friends included, will say that there are other places that are undiscovered and definitely nicer than Boracay. But you cannot force me not to love the island because I’ve had only beautiful experiences there. My vacations there were some of the most relaxing ones. Every trip was rejuvenating and helped me realize a lot of positive things about my life – and about life in general. It’s my personal experience that counts, not what people say about the place.

Boracay 2012
With the hubby in 2012.

I’m going to miss Boracay, but I know this is only temporary. Pretty soon, I’ll be making plans to go there again (this time with my hubby).

Here are some of my favorite photos of my Boracay trips from 2012 to last year. At least I have tons of beautiful memories of the place and the people.

Sunrise in Boracay
Sunrise in Boracay
Puka Beach
Puka Beach
Early morning at the beach in Boracay
Early morning at the beach in Boracay.
Boracay Grotto
Boracay Grotto
Tom N Toms Boracay
Tom N Toms Boracay
Jonahs Milkshake
Jonah’s Milkshake – the BEST in Boracay!
Boracay Sails
Going to Puka
Going to Puka Beach on an electronic trike.
Puka Beach
My family (minus Wabin, Joseph, and Kara) – Puka Beach, November 2017.
Mesa Boracay, Circa 2012
Mesa Boracay, Circa 2012
Pristine White Sand - Boracay


See you again soon, Boracay!


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