“I’d like to think that I was born for the hospitality industry.” These are the words of Armand Angeles, the new hotel manager of Seda Centrio.

Ever since he can remember, he has always wanted to be involved in something connected with the hospitality industry. Growing up, he wanted to be a chef and open his own restaurant. Then he realized that he was not cut out for a job in the kitchen; that cooking, for him, was more for entertaining.

Luckily for Armand, his true destiny was waiting for him. After working in Edinburgh, Scotland’s The Bonham Hotel in various positions (duty manager, receptionist, and F&B associate), he found Seda. Or rather, Seda found him.

From October 2012 to July 2013, Armand was the Night Manager for Seda BGC (Bonifacio Global City), a pioneer who started with the pre-opening team. In July 2013, he was offered the position of Front Office Manager, which he held on to until January of 2014.

Armand’s dedication and commitment to his job, coupled with his excellent people skills, led him to Seda Nuvali. He served as the hotel’s Front Office Manager from January 2014 to February 2016. In March this year, he was named OIC-Hotel Manager for the said hotel.

In between his busy schedule managing the hotel, Armand also helps out in setting up the facilities and in training people wherever a new Seda hotel is opening. He did it for Seda Nuvali and likewise assisted in the Seda Centrio opening. Little did he know that he was coming back a few years later as its Hotel Manager. It was a new challenge for him, but he readily accepted.

The hotelier, who has a BA in Business Management from Scotland’s Napier University, is excited about his change of environment. “Everything right now is different for me. Having lived in busy cities for most of my life, moving outside is a change for me,” Armand confessed. “Also, I know I now have a bigger responsibility resting on my shoulders,” he added.

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Armand finds all these exciting. And he likes the fact that Kagay-anons are making it easier for him to adapt to his new environment. “Everyone, even the people welcoming me into the hotel, is just so friendly.” He admits, though, that he has yet to master the dialect.

Aside from his people skills (he likes to go around talking to people) and his dedication to efficient customer service, Armand’s strength lies in the fact that he has built a career with Seda. “I’ve grown up with the company. Its culture is ingrained in me.” He vows to pass on whatever he has learned to the Seda Centrio family. At the same time, he knows he will learn a lot from Kagay-anons.

Young as he is, Armand knows what he needs and wants to do to continue the relationship that Seda has started with Kagay-anons and their guests. He knows the advantage the hotel has over the others. “In terms of service, we are up there,” he said.

At Seda, everyone is treated like a member of the family. Guests who frequent the hotel are often surprised by how much the servers remember their preferences. It’s easy to extend personal service to guests. Hotel employees also communicate with each other freely, so that when a regular guest comes in, they immediately know what to do.  One can say, “Mr. John Doe is here with us again. Don’t forget, he likes his room this way,” and the others will easily pick up from there.

These are small acts that create a big impact, and this is what Armand hopes to continue. “I really don’t want to do anything drastically different than what my predecesor has already done here,” he said. His intention is to stay consistent to the brand’s international standards and for Seda to continue growing.

With his dedication and commitment, coupled with years of experience in the hotel industry, Armand is sure to achieve the goals he set for the hotel – and for himself – in no time at all. But, he’s not in a hurry. In fact, he intends to stay here for a long time.

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