Using hot springs to cure some physical ailments is a belief that can be traced back to the pre-historic times. This belief still holds true today as spa salons and clinics sprout in different parts of the world practically every day.

According to several sources, the word spa is attributed to the small town of Spa in Belgium. With its hot mineral springs, the spa was a favorite retreat for people seeking relief for various ailments. Even Roman soldiers frequented the springs to help cleanse and cure their wounds. It is also believed that the word spa is an acronym for “salvus por aquae”, a Latin phrase that means “health through water”.

Today, going to a spa does not necessarily mean bathing in mineral springs or rivers. If one wants to relax and soothe aching bones, rejuvenate the tired soul, and lift the downtrodden spirit, one only needs to go to his or her favorite spa salon. Cagayan de Oro City is lucky to have some of the best spa salons, one of which is my favorite:  Red Fern Spa.

Red Fern Spa offers uniquely traditional services; something that sets them apart from all the other spas in the city. One of their signature services is the traditional Binisaya hilot, which they call Tuob Binisaya. Services like Marahay (Shiatsu massage), Hibok-Hibok (whole body massage), and Lugod sa Dalikdikan (body scrub) keep their customer flow steady. The spa is also known for its ear candling treatment, an ancient practice for removing earwax by using a hollow candle. The smoke and warmth that comes from the candle softens and breaks up hardened earwax. I witnessed an ear candling treatment when I joined their White Spa Party last July 2011. A young boy who needed the treatment was brought in by his parents. He was quite hesitant at first, but after realizing that it wasn’t going to be painful or difficult, he relaxed. The treatment was done after only a few minutes; no frills and hassles.

Other relaxing services include the newly introduced Ventosa, the Ostrich Roll massage, the 6-in-1 Relaxing Massage, and Haplasensyal (Swedish massage).

Red Fern Spa regularly comes up with special offers for their customers. One of these is the Employees and Students Promo, where one can enjoy a 20% discount for various services. All that ‘s needed is a valid company or school ID. Check out the best day for you to visit the spa for discounted services:

If you want a lifetime supply of discounts, then you should avail of the Red Fern Spa VIP Card. Pay them a visit to find out how you can get one. Their Carmen branch is located at Unit 1, President Bldg, Elipe Park (beside Perssimon and in front of SSS). You can find Red Fern Spa Divisoria at the 2nd floor of Willkom Bldg, T.Chaves corner Velez Sts (beside David’s Salon). Call (088) 858-5223 (Carmen) or (088) 852-1855 (Divisoria) for reservation. You may also want to check out their Facebook page.

Visit Red Fern Spa now “para maka-relax ka”!



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    1. Hi, Rey! I think they have new rates already. So, sorry I don’t have a list of it. Please feel free to call/text them at 09352515066 or 09352515065. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

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