Ok. I really don’t know how to draw. This 30-Day Drawing Challenge thing is purely for fun. I have no right to say “my drawings are awesome” because they aren’t. But I do try my best to come up with something that’s me. So now that that’s clear, let me move on to   my new drawings.

For the 16th challenge, I did two versions. Actually, I did two drawings because I’m not so sure what the instructions really mean. It said: draw something with eyes closed. This can be interpreted two ways. First, I needed to draw something with my eyes closed. Or, I needed to draw something or someone whose eyes are closed. I did the first one and then decided to also do the second one. If it said “draw something with YOUR eyes closed”, I would have stuck to the first interpretation. But….

Oh well, enough with the blahs. Let’s move on.

So, here’s my first interpretation. I honestly closed my eyes when I drew this. And I think it shows in my drawing:

Ah…it’s supposed to be an eye. Hahaha. What does it look like to you? Well, at least I was honest. My eyes were closed the whole time I did this drawing! The first drawing I did was actually a heart. But when I opened my eyes, all that I could see on the Paint canvass was a line in the bottom part. So I decided to try again…and this is it! Quite a masterpiece, eh? 😀

As for my second interpretation, I drew a girl’s face. Her eyes are closed. My drawing looks like a rejected cartoon. Haha! I’m sorry. I hope you’ll still like what you’ll see…

She has a sad face…’cause I don’t know what goes well with “eyes closed”. Hehe.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you won’t stop following my 30-day drawing challenge posts after seeing these!

Have fun and stay safe, everyone!

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