One of Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao’s premier filmmakers, Joe Bacus, is brewing a new visual masterpiece. Markado: Bakunawa sa Duha ka-Managlahing Takna is a story that tackles events happening after the rage of Sendong (Tropical Storm Washi). It is Bacus’ first full-length film.

Bacus is a well-respected and awarded filmmaker. His films are raw, with stories that reflect the realities of life. The End of War, the first Bacus film that I saw, won the Golden Durian Prize for Best Mindanao Short Film at the 2nd SalaMindanaw International Film Festival last 2014. The film focused on a family caught in the middle of a war between the military and some rebels. It was short but crisp and accurate. It was also full of emotions; unmasked, unchoreographed, raw emotions. No wonder the short film also won the Best Director and Best Sound awards at the 10th Mindanao Film Festival.

Perhaps the biggest recognition that Bacus received for The End of War was the 38th Gawad Urian nomination for Best Short Film (Pinakamahusay na Maikling Pelikula). Towards the end of 2015, Bacus was invited to Germany forthe ExGround Film Festival. Happy Fiesta tackles the controversial issue of international organ trading syndicates.

Filming Markado

For his first full-length film, Bacus is tackling a topic close to his heart. Tropical Storm Sendong devastated thousands of homes and lives in Cagayan de Oro in December 2011. Marakado: Bakunawa sa Duha ka-Managlahing Takna is about a legendary man who goes by the moniker “Bakunawa”. After being away for years, he goes back to his hometown because he had a feeling that his family was in danger due to the crime wave that surged after Sendong hit the city.

Although the film’s teaser has been released, shooting is yet to be completed. The production plans to shoot from October 15 to 19 with cinematographer Coicoi Narciso and actor Sir Perry Dizon. At the moment, the group is looking for funding, one of the reasons why they decided to post the trailer. Whatever help they can get will be used for shooting expenses, particularly for the accomodation, transportation, and food expenses of the cast.

For those who are interested to help out, or if you know somebody who might be willing to offer assistance to Bacus and company, check out this indiegogo page created for the film.

Meanwhile, check out the teaser for Markado, and you’ll realize why Bacus deserves all the support he can get – financial or otherwise. It’s high time a genuinely talented Mindanaoan filmmaker takes the spotlight.

The trailer for Markadao: Bakunawa sa Duha ka_Managlahing Takna features the music of industrial rock.electronica bands Switch and Supercharger, and S3x (Smile Three Times, a rap metal band).

Bacus and his production group, Imoortals Productions, dedicates the film to the victims and survivors of Tropical Storm Sendong, as well as to the all the dedicated artists of Cagayan de Oro.

Let’s help Bacus and Markado reach the big screen. Tell someone about the film now!



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