I’m very particular with the mattress we use for our bed. Since I have scoliosis and often have a difficult time sleeping, I like one that offers not only comfort but also support. That’s why I choose Uratex. And I like it more now because they have a lot of varieties that are affordable – in addition to providing comfort and support. One of these is the Uratex Thin Cotton mattress. Check out this press release to learn more about Uratex’s newest world-class product.
Did you know that there are many factors to consider in getting a good sleep? Not a lot of people realize that sleeping well can be as complicated as doing our other waking activities. This is because the quality of your sleep can be easily affected by the slightest things—from the temperature of your room to your activity prior to hitting the sack. In fact, the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine cites that finding a comfortable temperature for your room and skipping intake of caffeine and chocolate hours before bedtime can help promote better shut-eye. However, the biggest factor that affects one’s sleep rhythm is something you may not even consider at all: your mattress.
Many are under the impression that any mattress will do for their bedroom. If you really want some quality shut-eye, however, you need to find the right sleeping partner for yourself. In particular, it is recommended that you re-assess if your mattress is still giving you the support you need after years of using it.
Thankfully, there are now mattress providers that focus on offering products backed by research and rigorous testing to provide good sleep. The most prominent in the Philippines is Uratex with its collection of Sleep Specialist products. The local brand, which has gained household status for being in the industry for five decades, has consistently delivered in providing quality yet affordable collections.
URATEX Thin Cotton Mattress
URATEX Thin Cotton Mattress
 Among these is the Uratex Thin Cotton product, which is the brand’s most affordable quality mattress. Developed using Uratex’s world-class technology, the two-inch thick foam promises to deliver comfort to its users. The product is designed to have medium firmness with open cell technology that not only provides the body with good support but also a more refreshing sleeping experience compared to other mattresses. The unit, which retails at a very affordable price of Php1,499.75, comes with a pongee washable zippered fabric.
In addition to being a high-quality product, the Thin Cotton mattress also comes with a 5-year warranty like other Uratex units. Considering the product’s price tag, a consumer only pays less than a peso (0.82) a day if they get to use it for five years. On top of its products’ affordability and world-class quality, Uratex is also well-known for providing a good after-sales service that makes every purchase worthwhile.
To make sure that it only delivers the best to its consumers, Uratex uses the Quali-5 Cellular Technology, which is a set of standards that ensure the quality of its products. Each Uratex product is made using the best raw materials and advanced equipment that utilizes world-class technology. Uratex also has an ISO 9001 accreditation to help guide its management processes and quality management system.
The Thin Cotton mattress is just one among the many Uratex products that will now be widely available in the VisMin region. As part of its 50th celebration of being in the industry, the company is now moving to expand its operations beyond Luzon with a mission to bring quality mattresses for every Filipino to lie on.
Currently, Uratex has over 500 retailers in Visayas and Mindanao, with a plan to open up more stores through various retailers in the coming months.

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