One of the things newly married couples set their sights on is finding a good, safe, and comfortable home. This can be a small house inside a gated subdivision or a one-bedroom apartment near major establishments. For some, the ideal home for newlyweds is a condominium unit. There are several reasons why.

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A Condominium is the Best Investment for Newlyweds

A condominium unit is the ideal home investment for a newly married couple because it’s like a starter plan. Since there’s just the two of you, there’s no need to buy a big house with a big lawn yet. If a baby comes along, some adjustments can be made – the unit can be remodeled or your bedroom can be rearranged to accommodate the new member of the family.

In addition, a condo unit is the best investment for newlyweds because it is the practical choice. Most couples start from scratch when you become Mr. and Mrs. As such, buying a house with a garden and a gate inside an exclusive subdivision is not a good idea. Condo units are more financially flexible. You can choose the simplest model and then restructure or do some adjustments later on.

Or you can choose a two-bedroom condo unit, especially if they are already planning to start a family.

Some newlyweds choose to rent a one or two-bedroom house even when they’re still starting. This is not really a good move. For someone who wants to be cost-efficient, paying the monthly rent of a one-bedroom house or apartment will be more expensive in the long run, particularly when compared with the mortgage spent for a condo unit. Instead of renting, why not go for something that you can claim as yours; as your own?

Primavera Bedroom
A typical bedroom in Primavera Residences. 

Also, a condo unit does not require the same level of maintenance as a one or two-bedroom house. Since the unit is way smaller than that of a house with a garden, you won’t have to worry about spending the whole day cleaning and tidying up the place.

Living in a condo is also safer. You and your spouse can sleep well at night knowing that security is available 24/7. Most condominiums are equipped with CCTV, so that’s additional security aside from the guards that patrol the building and the grounds.

Additionally, condo residents are informed about the location of fire extinguishers and other fire safety measures. Condo buildings are also equipped with devices, programs, or systems that protect the structure (and its residents) from natural calamities like flooding and earthquake.

Condo buildings are located in areas or neighborhoods that are near schools, businesses, and commercial establishments like malls and supermarkets. So you and your spouse do not need to travel far for your basic necessities. There are even condo buildings that house 24-hour convenience stores, so even when you need something in the middle of the night, you won’t have to go far or wait until morning to buy it.

Some newlyweds choose condos that are located near their place of work, so they don’t have to spend for gasoline or public transportation. You can do the same.

Condominiums are also good investments. If you and your husband ever decide to move out and build a home, you don’t have to sell your unit. Instead, you can turn it into a good source of income. Opening your unit to transients, vacationers, expats on business trips, and to families or couples in need of a relaxing staycation is the most practical thing to do. It’s like earning from passive income because you don’t have to do anything except make sure that your condo unit is well-maintained.

Finally, condo living is ideal for newlyweds because of the many features the building offers. If you want to start working out, there’s a gym that’s exclusive for residents’ use. You can also use the swimming pool whenever you feel the need to take a dip and relax, or when you want to test your strength and endurance with a couple of breaststrokes and freestyles. Some condos also have function rooms for special events and even a nursery/playroom for kids.

It’s actually an all-in-one structure that’s perfect for newlyweds!

Premium Condominiums in Cagayan de Oro 

Here in Cagayan de Oro, one of the very first condominium structures is Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primavera Residences. Touted are the first green/eco-friendly building in the city, it is popular among newlyweds because of its many features and amenities.

Primavera Residences
The ideal home set up for newlyweds.  

Some of its features are a photovoltaic solar panel in the rooftop and natural ventilation/natural cooling system that allows air to freely go in and out of the building.

Primavera Residences also boasts of world-class amenities like a gym and a swimming pool that residents can use whenever they want or need to. There’s also a functional hall that can be used for special events like parties or gatherings, and even for seminars and workshops.

One of the best things about Primavera Residences is its location. Uptown CDO is a booming community and is, therefore, an ideal place for a newly married couple to build their home and family.

Another option for you and your spouse is Primavera City, the newest Italpinas development project. It has all the eco-friendly features of Primavera Residences plus a lot more.

It has a sky garden and rooftop that houses the gym, a swimming pool, and a party or event hall that can be used for special celebrations.

And since Primavera City is a mixed-use building, it is multifunctional and has commercial establishments, offices, and a hotel aside from the comfortable residential condo units. It is the first of its kind here in CDO.


So if you and your spouse are determined to start your life together in the right direction, do so by choosing condo living over the traditional home environment. It may be something out-of-the-box or unusual for you, but it’s definitely the ideal choice if you want the best investment.

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Happy house hunting!



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